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January 2011
Friday 21, 11:30 am
Rm 707 Yong Wang
Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG), Vienna, Austria
The Central European limited area ensemble forecasting system: ALADIN-LAEF
Contact person: Yuejian Zhu x7051
March 2011
Tuesday 15 Noon
Rm 707 Masayuki Nakagawa
NCEP/EMC (Visiting from Japan Meteorogical Agency)
Implementation of the Ferrier cloud microphysics scheme in the NCEP GFS
Contact person:Hua Lu Pan x7234 Michiko Masutani x7551
Wednesday 23 9:30am
Rm 209 Hyelim Yoo
Univ of MD, college Park
Evaluation of the GFS model clouds and identification of error sources using multi-satellite products
Please contact the speaker for the presentatioin
Abstract (to be posted)
Contact person:Yu-Tai Hou x7283
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Contact Yu-Tai Hou for the detail
Thursday 24 10am
Rm 707 Tim Hewson
UK Met Office
Tailoring Ensemble Output to Meet Forecasters' Needs - Some Highlights from the Met Office and ECMWF
presentations pptx file
recorded presentations
Contact person:David Novak x7425
Go to meeting is scueduled and the detail was sent by E-mail. Please contact Michiko Masutani ( for the detail.
Tuesday 29 noon
Rm 707 Sean Ziegeler
High performance Technology Inc.
Next Generation Error Metrics for Model Validation
Contact person: Arun Chawla x7209
April 2011
May 2011
Friday 13 noon
Rm 209 Fuqing Zhang
Pennsylvania State University
Inter-comparison, hybridization and coupling of ensemble-based and variational data assimilation systems
Contact person: Jnna O'Connor x7051 Vilay Tallapragada x7232
Tuesday 17 noon
Rm 707 Xin-Zhong Liang
University of Maryland at College Park
Regional Climate-Weather Research and Forecasting (CWRF) Model Development and Application
Contact person: Ying Lin x7248
and Dr. Tsann-wang Yu, Howard University
Thursday 19 3:00 pm
Rm 707 Edward Hyer
Naval Research Laboratory
Satellite inputs for smoke emissions and aerosol data assimilation in the Navy Aerosol Analysis and Prediction System
Contact person: Jeff McQueen x7726
Tuesday 31 noon
Rm 707 Youichirou Ohta
NCEP/EMC visiting from JMA
Recent Development of LETKF on JMA GSM
Contact person: Michiko Masutani x7551
June 2011
Tuesday 7 noon
Rm 707 Roberto Buizza
Probabilistic forecasting at ECMWF
pdf presentations
Contact person: Yuejian Zhu 7052
Monday 13 3:00pm
Rm 707 Shu-Chih Yang
National Central University in Taiwan
Handling nonlinearity with the Running in Place (RIP) and Quasi Outer-Loop (QOL) methods
Contact person: Daryl Kleist x7702
Tuesday 14 noon
Rm 707 Oriol Jorba Casellas
The Barcelona University/Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)
Developments undertaken within the NMMB multiscale model at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Contact person: Zavisa Janjic
Monday 20 1:00pm
Rm 209 Yalin Fan
Coupling of WaveWatch III to GFDL Atmospheric model, and it's applications on global wave climate change research and hurricane predictions.
Contact person: Hyun-Sook Kim x7207
Tuesday 21 noon
Rm 707 William R. Stockwell and Charlene V. Lawson
Department of Chemistry Howard University
The Regional Atmospheric Chemistry Mechanism, version 2
The Effects of Daytime and Nighttime Atmospheric Chemistry on Forecasts of Tropospheric Ozone and Aerosol Formation

Contact person: Jeff McQueen x7226
Friday 24 11:00am
Rm 209 Gary Brassington
Australiam Bureau of Meteorology
Operational ocean forecasting and short- to medium range coupled prediction at the Bureau of Meteorology
Contact person: Glenn White x7238
Tuesday 28 noon
Rm 707 Bob Grumbine
Orbital mechanics and the Chandler Wobble
pdf presentations
odp presentation
Contact person: Michiko Masutani 7551
July 2011
Tuesday 12 noon
Rm 707 Sharan Majumdar
University of Miami
Ensemble predictions and GFS/GSI perturbation experiments for tropical cyclones
Contact person: Yucheng Song x 7516
August 2011
Tuesday 16 noon
Rm 707 Jacob Carley
Purdue University
Hybrid ensemble-3DVar radar reflectivity assimilation with the GSI and NMMB: Current status and future plans
Contact person:Dave Parrish
Tuesday 23 noon
Rm 707 Neil A. Jacobs
AirDat LLC
Optimization and utility of TAMDAR for NWP
pptx presentations
Contact person: Geoff Dimago
September 2011
Thursday 8, 10:00am
Rm 209 Xiaqoing Zhou
Pennsylvania State University
Dynamics and Predictability of tropical cyclone formation, structure change and track
Contact person: Yuejian Zhu x7052
Friday 16th, noon
Rm 707 Kevin(Minxue) He
An integrated uncertainty and ensemble-based data assimilation approach for improved operational streamflow predictions
ppt presentations
Contact person: Yuejian Zhu x7052
Friday 30 noon
Rm 707 Shuyi S. Chen
University of Miami
Do we have the Necessary Ingredients for Hurricane Intensity Forecasting?
pdf presentations
Contact person: Vijay Tallapragada x 7232
October 2011
Tuesday 4 noon
Health Unit seminar
Rm 707 Dr. Mahadevappa Hunasikatti
the Sleep Center
Sleep Disorders
contact Cathleen DuBois at 301-763-8304
Tuesday October 11, noon
Rm 707 Steve Penny
University of Marylanr
Data Assimilation of the Global Ocean using the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter
pptx presentations
Contact person: Jose-Henrique Alves x7211
Wednesday October 12, noon
Rm 307 Jia Wang
the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
Contact person: Robert Grumbine
Wednesday October 12, 1pm
Rm 209 Al Osborne
Nonlinear Waves Research Corporation, USA, and the University of Torino, Italy,
Progresses in Nonlinear Wave Research, with applications to operational wave modeling,
Contact person:Jose-Henrique Alves
November 2011
Wednesday November 2, 10am
Rm 209 Milan Dacic(RNMSS), Vladimir Djurdjevic(Univ.of Belgrade), Goran Pejanovic(RHMSS)
Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia (RHMSS)
Vladimir Djurdjevic, University of Belgrade

RHMSS and South East European Virtual Climate Change Center: overview of operational, research and development activities
Three pptx presentations
Contact person: Zavisa Janjic x7243
Wednesday 16 10:00am
Rm 209 Masahiro Watanabe , Yoshi Chikamoto
AORI, Univ of Tokyo
Development, verification, and natural variability in MIROC5
Overview of decadal climate prediction using a coupled climate model MIROC

Contact person: Michiko Masutani x7551
Monday 21, 10:30am
Rm 707 Suryachandra Rao
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
Seasonal and Extended Range prediction activities in India using CFS model

Contact person: Glenn White x7238
January 2012
Tuesday 3rd noon
Rm 707 Kate Howard
EMC Global Modeling Branch
The Impact of Dropwindsonde and Supplemental Rawindsonde Observations on Track Forecasts of Hurricane Irene
ppt presentation
Contact person:Vijay Tallaparagada x7232
February 2012
Tuesday 7, noon
Rm 707 Jun Du and Binbin Zhou
A dynamical performance-ranking method for predicting individual ensemble member's performance and it's application to ensemble avearging
Presentation in ppt file
Contact person: Jun Du x 7593
Tuesday 14, noon
Rm 707 Lars Peter Riishojgaard, Zaizhong Ma, Michiko Masutani, Jack Woollen
Observing System Simulation Experiments in the Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation
pdf Presentation
Contact person: Michiko Masutani x7551
Tuesday 21, noon
Rm 707 Xuguang Wang
University of Oklahoma
Contact person: Daryl Kleist x7702
Tuesday 28, noon
Rm 707 Kosuke Ito
the National Taiwan University
Optimal metric and control variables for improved forecast associated with the tropical cyclones
Contact person: Michiko Masutani x7551 Takamesa Miyoshi 301-405-7797
March 2012
Tuesday 6, noon
Rm 707 Masaru Kunii
University of Maryland (JMA)
Contact person: Michiko Masutani x7551 Takamesa Miyoshi 301-405-7797
Tuesday 13, noon
Rm 707 Takeshi Enomoto
Kyoto University
Towards non-hydrostatic spectral model
Contact person: Michiko Masutani x7551 Takamesa Miyoshi 301-405-7797
Tuesday 27, noon
Rm 707 Henry Juang
Contact person: Henry Juang x 7220

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