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Day 1 Tuesday, 25 March, 2014   Presentation
  Registration and Welcome    
Bill Lapenta   NCEP Director's opening remarks   pdf
Session 1: NCEP Ensemble Systems   Chair: Yuejian Zhu    
Steve Tracton NCEP (Retired) EPS at NCEP: A historical perspective pdf
Jun Du NCEP SREF   pdf
Geoff DiMego NCEP Plan of the future regional ensemble   pdf
Dingchen Hou NCEP GEFS   pdf
Henrique Alves NCEP Wave Ensemble   pdf
Suranhana Saha NCEP CFSv3 Draft Plan   pdf
H.vd. Dool/M Pena NCEP NMME / IMME   pdf
Yuejian Zhu NCEP NAEFS Status   pdf
Yuejian Zhu NCEP Summary of 5th Ensemble Users Workshop   pdf
Discussion   Hogsett/Bright   pdf
Session 2: NCEP Centers Review   Chair: Jun Du    
Israel Jirak NCEP SPC's Review pdf
David Bright NCEP AWC's Review   pdf
Wallace Hogsett NCEP WPC's Review   pdf
Joseph Sienkiewicz NCEP OPC's Review   pdf
Dave Unger NCEP CPC's Review   pdf
Richard Pasch NCEP TPC's Review   pdf
Session 2: Regions/Private Sector   Chair: Dingchen Hou    
Mark Fresch OHD OHD's Review pdf
Rich Grumm NWS East Region   pdf
Jerry Wiedenfeld NWS Center Region   pdf
Trevor Alcott NWS West Region   pdf
Brian Kolts First Energy First Energy   pdf
Discussion   Hogsett/Jirak   pdf
Day 2 Wednesday, 26 March, 2014  
Session 3: Post-Process   Chair: Matthew Peroutka    
Bo Cui NCEP NAEFS SPP: Status and plan pdf
Bruce Veenhuis MDL DABMA   pdf
Mike Scheuerer ESRL GEFS reforecast dataset and products   pdf
Hong Guan NCEP NAEFS SPP: Improvement   pdf
Dan Collins NCEP Improved Week-2 forecasts   pdf
Kathy Gilbert MDL Overview of SS/GM Blender project   pdf
Tom Hamill ESRL GEFS reforecast summary from NPSR   pdf
Discussion   Peroutka/Collins   pdf
Session 4: Special Projects and International Centers   Chair: Zoltan Toth    
Malaquias Pena/ Edmund Chang NCEP/Stony Brook THORPEX update   pdf
Dave McCarren/Fred Toepfer ESPC/NUOPC ESPC/NUOPC   pdf
Carolyn Reynolds NRL NRL   pdf
Roberto Buizza ECMWF ECMWF   pdf
Stephane Beauregard CMC CMC   pdf
Yun Chen CMA CMA   pdf
Session 4: Special Projects and Centers   Chair: Jordan Alpert    
Evan Kuchera AFWA The Air Force Ensemble Prediction Suite   pdf
Mike Sestak FNMOC FNMOC   pdf
Jonq Gong Chern CWB CWB   pdf
Yves Pelletier CMC CMC   pdf
Huiling Yuan CMA projects Nanjing University   pdf
Alex Tien MITRE Corporation Application of SREF to air traffic flow management   pdf
Discussion   Toth/Pena   pdf
Day 3 Thursday
Session 5: Products/Data/Verification   Chair: Malaquias Pena    
Binbin Zhou NCEP Meso-scale, aviation application   pdf
Jiayi Peng NCEP Hurricane genesis/verification   pdf
Tara Jensen NCAR Verification approaches and tools   pdf
Melissa Ou NCEP CPC's new verification web tools   pdf
Jordan Alpert NCEP Data access and NOMADS update   pdf
Dick Wobus/Bo Yang NCEP NAEFS data exchange   pdf
Discussion   Alpert/Wobus   pdf
Session 6: Community development   Chair: Richard Wobus    
Zoltan Toth/Roman Krzysztofowicz ESRL/ U. Virginia BPE   pdf
Tom Hamill ESRL Intercomparison of methods for treating model uncertainty   pdf
Minghua Zheng Stony Brook U CSTAR program   pdf
Isidora Jonkov/Zoltan Toth ESRL DTC/DET's development   pdf
Zhan Zhang NCEP HFIP -HWRF ensemble   pdf
Summary   Yuejian Zhu   pdf
  Ensemble Products and Training    
Mike Sestak FNMOC Ensemble Verification   pdf
Mike Horner AFWA Ensemble Products at AFWA   pdf
Richard Grumm NWS EFS Products Use and Misuse   pdf
Mark Shaffer Navy Training for operational Navy   pdf
Bill Bua UCAR COMET Ensemble Training Module   pdf

The workshop brought together developers and users of ensemble forecast products, as well as the research and the applications communities interested in the use of ensembles

25-27 March 2014

NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
5830 University Research Court
College Park, MD, USA

(1) Review progress on the generation and use of operational products since the 5th workshop that took place in 2011.
(2) Discuss plans for future efforts and collaborations
(3) Define actions to continue support the NWS in its transition from single value to probabilistic forecasting

Organizing Committee
Yuejian Zhu, EMC/NCEP/NWS (Yuejian.Zhu at noaa.gov)
Malaquias Peña, EMC/NCEP/NWS (Malaquias.Pena.Mendez at noaa.gov)
Jun Du, EMC/NCEP/NWS (Jun.Du at noaa.gov)
Dingchen Hou, EMC/NCEP/NWS (Dingchen.Hou at noaa.gov)
Barbara Brown, UCAR (bgb at ucar.edu)
Isidora Jankov, GSD-ESRL (Isidora.Jankov at noaa.gov)

IT Support

Mary Hart, EMC/NCEP/NWS (Mary.Hart at noaa.gov)

The workshop is jointly organized by EMC and DTC