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January 2003
Tuesday 14, noon Rm 209 Dag Lohmann
Evaluation of the NOAH land surface model in uncoupled experiments (LDAS, Rhone, PILPS-2e, DMIP)
Tuesday 21 noon Rm 707 E. Hugo Berbery
University of Maryland
Eta model estimated land surface processes
and the hydrologic cycle of the Mississippi basin
Organized by Kenneth Mitchell x7225
Thursday 23, noon Rm 209 Richard Somerville
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diago
Clouds, cloud physics, and cloud-radiation interactions:
new data and models.
Organized by Hua-Lu Pan x7234
Tuesday 28, noon Rm 209 Zoltan Toth
Intercomparison of the Canadian, ECMWF, and NCEP ensemble forecast systems
Friday 31, 1pm Rm 209 Huug Vandendool
Fifty years later: The Jan 31 - Feb 1 1953 North Sea Gale
revisited via Reanalysis and Reforecasting.
(The storm that nearly killed me.)
February 2003
Tuesday 4, noon Rm 707 Bob Hart, Jeremy Ross,Charlie Hosler, and Mike Fritsch
The Pennsylvania State University
Rich Grumm
National Weather Service State College, PA
Breathing new life into an old friend:
Objective analog seasonal forecasting using NCEP reanalyses
Presentation (PPT file)
Organized by Kenneth Mitchell x7225
Friday 21, 10am Rm 707 John Eyre
U.K. Met. Office
Progress in the use of satellite data at the Met Office
Presentation (PPT file)
Tuesday 25, noon Rm 209 Jeffrey L. Hanson
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Image Processing Tools Applied to the Analysis of
Ocean Surface Directional Wave Spectra
Organized by Hendrik L. Tolman x7253
Thursday 27, noon Rm 707 Steve Hankin
NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
NOMADS, DODS & LAS: a community-based framework for sharing data
Organized by Jordan Alpert x7205
March 2003
Tuesday 4, noon Rm 209 Henry Juang
Validations of the NCEP MSM Coupled with the NOAH LSM under
Weak and Significant Synoptic-scale Forcings over the Hawaiian Islands
Thursday 6, noon Rm 209 Ichiro Fukumori
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Routine Global Ocean Data Assimilation System of the Consortium for Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean (ECCO)
Organized by Dave Behringer x7551
Friday 14, 2pm Rm 209 Yoshihiko Tahara
Visitor to EMC from JMA
Developments Of OPTRAN And Preparation For Its Use To High Spectral Resolution Sounders
Wednesday 12, noon Rm 209 Leonid Kuznetsov
University of North Carolina
A method for assimilation of Lagrangian data
Presentation (damaged file,to be fixed)
Organized by Guocheng Yuan x7577
Monday 17, noon Rm 209 Erik Andersson
Developments of ECMWF's data assimilation system with respect to higher-density data and higher resolution
Organized by Zoltan Toth x7268
Tuesday 25, noon Rm 209 Andrew Lorenc
U.K. Met. Office
A 4D-Var Strategy
Incremental 4D-Var as a 4-dimensional covariance model
Friday 28, noon Rm 209 Leonard Smith
Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics/ London School of Economics
On Indistinguishable States and the Use of Ensemble Forecasts: Wind, Rain, Sea, and Air(ports)
Organized by Zoltan Toth x7268
April 2003
Wednesday 9, noon Rm 209 JCSDA/EMC Seminar
John Le Marshall

Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia
The Estimation of Local High Density Atmospheric Motion Vectors and Their Application to NWP
May 2003
Tuesday 6, noon Rm 209 Fedor Mesinger1,Perry Shafran1, Eugenia Kalnay2
Dusan Jovic1, Wesley Ebisuzaki1, and Coauthors

1:NCEP/EMC, 2:Univ. Maryland
NCEP Regional Reanalysis - Status and plans
Tuesday 13, 2:30pm Rm 602 Marvin Geller
Marine Sciences Research Center/ SUNY at Stonybrook
Gravity Wave Parameters Derived from
U.S. High Resolution Radiosonde Data

This seminar is a rerun of the seminar at COLA at 11am
Wednesday 14, 3:00pm Rm 209 James S. Goerss and Charles R. Sampson
Marine Meteorology Division NRL Monterey, CA
James M. Gross
Tpical Prediction Center, National Hurricane Center NOAA/NWS, Miami, FL
Historic Look at the Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasting Skill
of Operational NWP Models and their Consensus

PPT presentation
Organized by Naomi Surgi x7285
Tuesday 20, noon Rm 209 Siegfried Schubert
The Impact of ENSO on Extreme Winter Weather over the United States
PPT presentation
June 2003
Tuesday 3, 1pm
Rm 209 CPC/EMC Seminar
Jeffrey S. Whitaker

NOAA/Climate Diagnostics Center
Improving Week 2 Predictions using Ensemble "Re-forecasts"
Wednesday 11, 11am
Rm 209 S. Daniel Jacob
The role of air-sea fluxes and upper ocean mixing on the mixed layer response: A numerical investigation
Monday 16, 11am
Rm 602 Bob Bornstein
San Jose State University
Observations and MM5 simulations of urban induced thunderstorms over Atlanta, GA
Organized by Frank Freedman x7192
July 2003
Monday 14th, 1pm
Rm 209 Stephen Jewson
Risk Management Solutions Inc., London
New methods for the assessment and calibration of ensemble temperature forecasts
Contact person YueJian Zhu x7275
Friday 25th, 11am
Rm 209 Song-You Hong
Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
A new nonlocal boundary layer scheme with explicit treatment of the entrainment processes
Tuesday 29th, noon
Rm 209 Jin-Luen Lee
NOAA/Forecast Systems Laboratory
Use of Doppler Radar Data for Tropical Storm Initialization
Contact person Naomi Surgi x7285
August 2003
Monday 4, noon Rm 209 Jiande Wang
Seasonal heat budgets of the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans
Friday 8, 11am Rm 209 George Gayno
U.S. Air Force Weather Agency
AGRMET - AFWA's Global Land Data Aassimilation System
Contact Person: Ken Mitchell x7225
Tuesday 12, noon Rm 209 Nelson Seaman
NCEP/EMC Visitor from Penn State
The Test Plan for Implementing a WRF Ensemble at NCEP:
Why? How? When?

Monday 18, noon Rm 209 Richard Hodur
NRL/Marine Meteorology Division, Monterey, CA
NWP Research at the Naval Research Laboratory
Contact Person: Geoff DiMego x7221
Tuesday 26, noon Rm 209 Moon-Sik Suk
Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute
Pre-operational modeling of ocean circulation
for the North East Asia regional seas

Contact Person: Sudhir Nadiga x7593
Friday 29, 11am Rm 209 Gyorgyi Gyarmati
University of Maryland
Local predictability in a simple model of atmospheric balance
Power Point Presentation
September 2003
Tuesday 16, noon Rm 209 Brad Ferrier
Modifications of two convective schemes used in the NCEP Eta Model
PPT Presentation
Tuesday 23, noon Rm 209 NESDIS/ORA Seminar
Bill Kuo
Application of GPS radio occultation data to weather analysis and prediction
ppt Presentation (11MB)
Friday 26, 11am Rm 209 Yu-Heng Tseng
John Hopkins University
Regional circulation of the Monterey Bay region- the effects of Monterey Canyon
Tuesday 30, noon Rm 209 Kozo Okamoto
NCEP/EMC Visitor from JMA
The ATOVS assimilation at JMA
ppt Presentation
October 2003
Thursday 2, noon Rm 209 Mike Baldwin
Univ of Oklahoma/CIMMS
Automated classification of rainfall systems
using statistical characterization

ppt Presentation
Contact person: Geoff DiMego x7221
Tuesday 7, noon Rm 209 Sarah Dance
University of Reading
Characterising flow dependent background errors in data assimilation
Contact person: Wan-Shu Wu x7741
Wednesday 8, 3:30pm Rm 209 Alejandro J. Souza
The Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, UK
The Proudman Oceanographic Lab and Observing system
PPT Presentation
Contact person: Chandra Narayanan x 7256
Tuesday 14, noon Rm 209 Bill Bua and Stephen D. Jascourt
UCAR/COMET at EMC and Silver Spring
Use of NWP Developer-User Liaisons in
Forecaster Professional Development Training

PPT Presentation
Tuesday 21, noon Rm 209 Carmen J. Nappo
Air Resources Laboratory/NOAA
On Subgrid-Scale Nocturnal Turbulence
Corel Presentation
Contact Person: Geoff DiMego x7221
Wednesday 22, 1:30pm Rm 209 Timothy F. Hogan
Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey
Global Numerical Weather Prediction at the Navy Research Laboratory
Ppt Presentation
Contact: Mark Iredell x7231
Thursday 23th 10am
Rm 602 Mark Powell
NOAA Hurricane Research Division
Real-time Hurricane Surface Wind Analysis
Contact: Weixing Shen x7208 and Qingfu Liu x7264
Thursday 30, 3pm
Rm 209 Frank Marks
Hurricane Research Division, NOAA/AOML
State of the Science: Radar View of Tropical Cyclones
Contact: Naomi Surgi x7285
November 2003
Tuesday 4, noon Rm 209 Keith Brill
Use of the 'Odds Ratio' in model QPF verification
Ppt Presentation
Tuesday 18, noon Rm 707 Bob Banta
Unraveling the Stable Boundary Layer Puzzle Using Doppler Lidar and Other Data from CASES-99
Ppt Presentation
Contact person: Ken Mitchell x7225
Thursday 20, noon Rm 707 Laurence J. Wilson
Recherche en Prvision Numrique Meteorological Service of Canada Strategies for the verification of ensemble weather element forecasts
Ppt Presentation
Contact person: Zoltan Toth x7268
December 2003
Tuesday 9, noon Rm 209 Martin Mueller
Using neural networks for GOME ozone retrieval - an overview
Contact person: Vladimir Krasnopolsky x7262
Tuesday 16, noon Rm 707 Michael Oczkowski
University of Maryland at College Park
Mechanisms for the Development of Locally Low Dimensional Atmospheric Dynamics
Contact person: Zoltan Toth x7268
Wednesday 17, noon Rm 209 Cecile Penland
Some Numerical Issues in Stochastic Climate Models
Contact person: Hua-Lu Pan x7234
January 2004
Tuesday 6, noon Rm 707 Dr. Zheng
University of Maryland
Tuesday 27, noon Rm 707 Zavisa Janjic
February 2004
Tuesday 10, noon Rm 707 Tim Mavor
March 2004
Tuesday 2, noon Rm 707 Scott Harper
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Future Speakers
Chandra Narayanan (EMC)
Sudhir Nadiga (EMC)
Ron Errico (NASA)February
John Schaake (NOAA)
Russ Treadon(EMC) March 2004
Tuesday 6, noon Rm 707 Dr. Zheng
University of Maryland
Tuesday 27, noon Rm 707 Zavisa Janjic
- - - Future Speakers Dr. Zheng (University of Maryland)
Chandra Narayanan (EMC)
Sudhir Nadiga (EMC)
Ron Errico (NASA)February
John Schaake (NOAA)
Russ Treadon(EMC) March 2004 - - - Future Speakers Dr. Zheng (University of Maryland)
Chandra Narayanan (EMC)
Sudhir Nadiga (EMC)
Ron Errico (NASA)February
John Schaake (NOAA)
Russ Treadon(EMC) March 2004


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