Progress on the use of satellite data at the Met Office

John Eyre

Met Office, Bracknell, UK

The Satellite Applications Section of the Met Office conducts research and development on a range of topics in satellite meteorology. Most of our efforts are aimed at improving the accuracy of the Met Office's NWP products, through improvements in the processing and assimilation of satellite data. The seminar will review recent progress and planned activities in the following areas: ATOVS, SSMI/SSMIS, satellite winds, Quikscat, AIRS and GPS data. It will also summarise the activities of EUMETSAT's Satellite Applications Facility for NWP, which the Met Office leads. In addition (and time permitting) activities in support of nowcasting, including volcanic ash detection, and climate monitoring (sea surface temperature products) from ATSR and AATSR) will be presented.