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in 2002

NOAA Science Center (World Weather Building)

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December 2001
Tuesday 4, noon Rm 707 Dong-Jun Seo
Office of Hydrologic Development/Hydrology Laboratory/NWS
Recent and upcoming improvement in operational WSR-88D and multi-sensor estimation of precipitation
January 2002
Tuesday 8, noon Rm 707 Z. I. Janjic
A Nonhydrostatic Model Based on a New Approach
Friday 11, noon Rm 707 Tony Hollingsworth
Recent developments in NWP at ECMWF
Tuesday 22, 2 pm Rm 209 Carlos J. Lozano
Harvard University
Regional Ocean Forecasting with HOPS
Thursday 31, noon Rm 707 Mitch Goldberg
NOAA/NESDIS/Climate Research and Applications Division
NASA/NOAA Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation Seminar

Preparations for the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder at NESDIS
February 2002
Friday 15, 11am Rm 302 John McHenry
MCNC Environmental Modeling Center at the North Carolina Supercomputing Center>
The WRF-Chemistry Model and Numerical Air Quality Prediction (NAQP) at MCNC's North Carolina Supercomputing Center: Possibilities for Partnership with NCEP
Tuesday 19, 10am Rm 209 Dave Stensrud
Roads from Chaos: Ensemble Forecasting and the Future of Numerical Weather Prediction
Tuesday 19, noon Rm 707 Randal D. Koster
Laboratory of Hydrospheric Processes NASA-GSFC
The Impact of Soil Moisture Initialization on Seasonal Precipitation and Temperature Forecasts
March 2002
Thursday 21, 3pm Rm 209 Oliver Reitebuch
Gernam Aerospace Center, (Head of ADM)
The Atmospheric Dynamic Mission (ADM)
April 2002
Monday 15, noon Rm 707 Matthew Newman
A linear model of weekly variability: Formulation, forecast skill, and associated predictability limits
Tuesday 30, noon Rm 707 Paul Van Delst
NCEP Radiative Transfer Model Status
May 2002
Tuesday 7, noon Rm 209 Magdalena Balmaseda
Recent changes in the ECMWF Seasonal Prediction System
Organized by Zoltan Toth
Tuesday 7, 2pm Rm 209 Aida Diongue
School of the Environment at the University of Leeds in UK.
JET2000 experiment: Synoptic analysis and NWP issues
Organized by Wassila Thiaw
Thursday 9, noon Rm 209 Martin P. Hoerling
The Separate Origins of North Pacific and North Atlantic Climate Change
Organized by Arun Kumar
Tuesday 14, noon Rm 209 Yu-Tai Hou
Evaluation of the performance of a new prognostic cloud/radiation package in NCEP's Global Forecast System (GFS)
Tuesday 21, noon Rm 209 Wan-Shu Wu
Three dimensional variational analysis with spatially inhomogeneous covariances
June 2002
Tuesday 4, noon Rm 707 Glenn White
Air-Sea Fluxes and Numerical Weather Prediction
Tuesday 11, noon Rm 707 Ross Heikes
Colorado State University
The Use of Spherical Geodesic Grids in Climate Modeling
Organized by Jim Purser
Wednesday 12, 1pm Rm 707 NASA/NOAA Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation Seminar
Mel Shapiro
Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division, NCAR
The Hemispheric Observing System Research and Predictability Experiment (THORpex)
Thursday 13, noon Rm 707 Richard Swinbank
UK Met Office
Stratospheric Data Assimilation at the Met Office
Organized by Jim Purser
Tuesday 18, noon Rm 707 Hendrik Tolman
Upgrading NCEP's wave models. Are those islands really there ?
Monday 24, 11am Rm 707 Horst Boettger
Recent developments in operations at ECMWF
Monday 24, noon Rm 707 Adrian Simmons
Progress with the ERA-40 re-analysis project at ECMWF
Tuesday 25, noon Rm 707 Istvan Szunyogh, Edward Ott and Eugenia Kalnay
University of Maryland
Exploiting Local Low Dimensionality of the Atmospheric Dynamics for Efficient Ensemble Kalman Filtering
July 2002
Wednesday 10, noon Rm. 209 Steve Thomas
An overlapping Schwarz preconditioner for a spectral element atmospheric model on the cubed-sphere
Organized by Jim Purser
Friday 12, 10am Rm. 707 Guocheng Yuan
Brown University and WHOI
Cross-jet transport and mixing in a meandering jet
Organized by Zoltan Toth
Tuesday 30, 2pm Rm. 209 Bulusu Subrahmanyam
COAPS/Florida State University
Estimation of Heat and Salt variability in the Indian Ocean from TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry and MICOM simulations
Hosted by Desiraju B Rao
August 2002
Tuesday 6, noon Rm. 707 Fedor Mesinger
A decade + of the Eta performance, including that beyond two days: any lessons for the road ahead?
Tuesday 27, noon Rm. 707 Luc Fillion
Meteorological Service of Canada
The Kain-Fritsch convection scheme and ECMWF prognostic cloud scheme: Their Jacobians and linearization properties
September 2002
Tuesday 24th noon Rm. 707 Francis Giraldo
Naval Research Laboratory Monterey, CA
Spectral Element Eulerian and Semi-Lagrangian Methods for Numerical Weather Prediction Models
October 2002
Tuesday 1, noon Rm. 707 Shian-Jiann Lin
Application of the high-resolution finite-volume NASA/NCAR Climate Model for Medium-Range Weather Prediction Experiments:
a preliminary progress report and initial problems
Wednesday 2, 1pm Rm. 707 Julia Slingo
Director of the NERC Centre for Global Atmospheric Modelling (CGAM), University of Reading
Understanding Climate Variability and Predictability Using Models and Observations: Research at CGAM
Tuesday 8, noon Rm. 209 Xuguang Wang
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA and
Craig H. Bishop
The Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey, CA
The Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter Ensemble Forecast Schemes
Organized by Zoltan Toth
Tuesday 22, noon Rm 707 Jeff Whitaker
Climate Diagnostics Center, Boulder, CO
Ensemble Data Assimilation for Reanalysis
Organized by Zoltan Toth
Thursday 24th, noon Rm 209 Robert Miller
College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University
Ensemble Generation for Models of Multi-Modal Systems
Organized by Zoltan Toth
Friday 25th, noon Rm 209 Dong-Wook Shin
COAPS, The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida
Short- to medium-range superensemble precipitation forecasts using satellite products
Organized by Zoltan Toth
Tuesday 29, noon Rm 209 Mike Fiorino
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Recent results from the next ECMWF reanalysis ERA-40 -- observing system variability and tropical cyclones
Presentation and statistics
November 2002
Tuesday 5, noon Rm 707 Yuejian Zhu and Zoltan Toth
Methods to evaluate probabilistic and ensemble forecasts
Tuesday 12, noon Rm 209 Michael Ek
Impact of soil moisture on boundary-layer cloud development
Abstract Presentation
Tuesday 19, noon Rm 707 Mozheng Wei and Zoltan Toth
Evaluation Of Ensemble Forecasts By PECA
Friday 22, noon Rm 209 Peter Webster
Georgia Institute of Technology
Predictability of the Coupled Monsoon System:
Applications to the Forecasting of Bangladesh Floods
Abstract Presentation
Contact person: Zoltan Toth x7268
Monday 25, noon Rm 209 CPC seminar
Joe D'Aleo
WSI Corporation
Evidence for High Solar Flux's Influence on Global Climate And Model Performance During Recent Seasons And Use of Flux in Combination with Other Climate Factors (ENSO, PDO, QBO) In NAO/AO Winter Season Prediction
Contact person: Arun Kumar x7579
December 2002
Tuesday 3, noon Rm 707. Christophe Maes
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement Laboratoire d'Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales
The effect of the salinity barrier layer in the preconditioning and onset of El Nino simulated with a coupled ocean-atmosphere general circulation model.
Contact person: Dave Behringer x7551
Tuesday 17, noon Rm 707. Duane Stevens
Meteorology Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa
UCAR Visiting Scientist, NCEP/EMC, July 2002-Dec2002

Zavisa Janjic, EMC/NCEP and Henry Juang, EMC/NCEP
Testing NWP models with 1-10 km grids: Issues and Early Results
January 2003
Tuesday 14, noon Rm 209 Dag Lohmann
Evaluation of the NOAH land surface model in uncoupled experiments (LDAS, Rhone, PILPS-2e, DMIP)
Tuesday 21 noon Rm. 209 E. Hugo Berbery
University of Maryland
Eta model estimated land surface processes
and the hydrologic cycle of the Mississippi basin
Organized by Kenneth Mitchell
Thursday 23
time TBA
Rm. 209 Richard Somerville
UC San Diago
Clouds, cloud physics, and cloud-radiation interactions:
new data and models.
Organized by Hua-Lu Pan
Tuesday 28, noon Rm 209 Zoltan Toth Intercomparison of the Canadian, ECMWF, and NCEP ensemble forecast systems
February 2003
February 26 or 27 Rm. 209 Steve Hankin
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Organized by Jordan Alpert x7205
Planned seminars
TBD Rm. 209 Sajal Kar
A Non Hydrostatic Vertical-Slice Model in a Hybrid Sigma-Theta Coordinate
Kenneth Mitchell (NCEP/EMC)
John Eyre (UK Met office)

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