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June 2017
Tuesday June 6, at noon Rm 2155
Jian Chen
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Accurate Visualization for Knowledge Discovery in Big-Data Science
Meeting number: 900 826 795  Meeting password: a3YhdEPN
JOIN BY PHONE:  877-953-0315 (or 1-517-268-7866) Participant: 1262920#
Contact: Keqin Wu
Thursday June 1, 1:30pm
Rm 2155
Chris Landsea
NHC Science & Ops Officer
Analysis and Forecasting at the National Hurricane Center:  What's New in 2017?
Meeting number: 907 578 870  Meeting password: a3YhdEPN
JOIN BY PHONE:  877-953-0315 (or 1-517-268-7866) Participant: 1262920#
May 2017
Monday May 22, 10:30am
Rm 2155
Song-You Hong
Director, KIAPS
Medium-range forecasts with a non-hydrostatic global atmospheric model on a cubed sphere grid
Meeting number: 900 385 009  Meeting password: a3YhdEPN
JOIN BY PHONE:  877-953-0315 (or 1-517-268-7866) Participant: 1262920#
Contact: Jongil Han
Wednesday May 10, 2pm Rm 2155
Alan J. Wallcraft
Naval Research Laboratory
Validating the Global Ocean Prediction System version 3.1
Contact: Avichal Mehra
April 2017
Friday 28th at 10:30am NCWCP Auditorium
Glenn White
Forty-two years in meteorology: vive la revolution
Contact:Michiko Masutani
March 2017
Friday 3nd Auditorium Special Symposium on Short Term Climate Prediction and Diagnosis: Past and Future In Honor of Huug van den Dool’s Retirement
Photo and all Presentation and video
Ray Bates
University College Dublin, Ireland
Estimating climate sensitivity using a two-zone energy balance model and satellite observations
pdf presentation
Youtube record
Thursday 2nd 2:30pm Rm 2890
Xubin Zeng
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Snow: Dataset development, NWS products evaluations, and its impact on CFS subseasonal to seasonal prediction
pdf presentation
Contact:Mike Ek
February 2017
Tuesday 28, 12:30pm NCWCP, Auditorium
David Bromwich
Ohio State University
The latest version of the Arctic System Reanalysis and its performance
pdf presentation
Contact:Michiko Masutani
Tuesday 21, noon Rm2155
Vladimir Krasnopolsky
Neural Network applications for NWP models
Small letters are not clear in Youtube. Please reffer pdf file for the detail.
pdf presentation
Contact:Arun Chawla
Tuesday 14, noon Rm 2155
Wesley Ebisuzaki
Read and Write Grib2 Using Fortran and wgrib2api
ppt resentation
Youtube recording
Contact:Suru Saha
Tuesday 7, noon
Rm 2155
Valbona Kunkel
Space Weather
abstract (to be posted)
Contact:Michiko Masutani
January 2017
Tuesday 31, noon
Rm 2155
Robert Grumbine
NCEP and the WMO Data Quality Monitoring System
Contact:Michiko Masutani

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