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January 2013
Tuesday 22nd noon
Conference Center Yalin Fan
Ocean Surface Gravity Waves and Climate Modeling
ppt Presentation
Contact person: Hendrik Tolman
Wednesday 23rd 2pm
Conference Center Luke Madaus
University of Washington
Impacts of Assimilating Dense Pressure Observations Using an Ensemble Kalman Filter
Ppt Presentation
Contact person: Bill Lapenta
Tuesday 29 noon
EMC meeting room Rm 2155 Yign Noh
Yonsei University
Simulation of a convective cloud from a Lagrangian cloud model, and its application to the parameterization of cloud microphysics
Folder for Presentation

Contact person: Jongil Han
February 2013
Tuesday 5th noon
Conference Center Toshihisa Matsui
GPM Satellite Simulator Over Ground Validation Sites
ppt Presentation
Contact person: Michiko Masutani (301)683-3628
March 2013
Tuesday 26th noon
Conference Center Yoichiro Ota
NCEP/EMC Visiting from JMA
Observation impact estimation and TC relocation - Developments on the global EnKF

ppt Presentation

Contact person: Michiko Masutani (301)683-3628
April 2013
Wednesday 10th noon
Rm 2155 Oriol Jorba
Earth Sciences Department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
Update on the developments of aerosol and gas chemistry processes inlined within the NMMB multiscale model at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center
pdf Presentation
Contact person: Geoff Dimego
May 2013
Wednesday 8th 1pm
Rm 2155 Jeff Whitaker
Ensemble forecasting and data assimilation with stochastic physics
pdf Presentation
Contact person: Daryl Kleist
Tuesday 14, noon
Rm 2155 Glenn White and Fanglin Yang
Review of The 4th WGNE Workshop on Systematic Errors in Weather and Climate Models
ppt Presentation (White)
ppt Presentation (Yang)
Contact person: Glenn White and Fanglin Yang
June 2013
Tuesday 11, 3pm
NCWCP Conference Center Masaki Satoh
University of Tokyo and JAMSTEC
Simulations of MJO cases using NICAM with the K-computer
ppt Presentation
Contact person: Michiko Masutani
Friday 21, 12:30pm
NCWCP Auditorium Kenneth Mylne
The Met Office
High Resolution Operational NWP and Ensembles at the Met Office
ppt Presentation
Contact person: David DeWitt
August 2013
Tuesday 6 noon
EMC Conference Room 2155 Song-You Hong
Yonsei University, Seoul
An Evaluation of the Software System Dependency of a Global Atmospheric Model
ppt Presentation
Contact person: Jongil Han
Tuesday 27 Noon
EMC Conference room 2155 Thomas Jones
Assimilating cloud water path as a function of model cloud microphysics
ppt Presentation
Contact person: Geoff Dimego
October 2013
November 2013
Tuesday 12, 1:00pm
NCWCP Rm 2890 Bill Kuo
Developmental Testbed Center (DTC)
Diagnosis of GFS Height, Wind and TC Motion Errors during 2012 North Atlantic Hurricane Season
Contact person: David DeWitt
December 2013
Monday 2 2:30pm
EMC Conference room 2155 Bert Holtslag
Meteorology & Air Quality Department, Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands
Stable Boundary Layers and Diurnal Cycles - Challenges for Weather and Climate Models
pdf Presentation
Contact person: Michael Ek
Friday 6 11am
EMC Conference room 2155 John Michalakes
Adapting NWP codes to Accelerators at NCEP, early status
ppt Presentation
Contact person: David DeWitt
CPC-EMC Seminar
Friday 6 1pm
EMC Conference room 2155 Zhanquing Li
The impact of environmental changes on the climate of China
ppt Presentation
Contact person: David Unger
EMC-CPC Seminar
Tuesday 10 Noon
EMC Conference room 2155 Ross Salawitch
Quantification of natural and human influences on global climate
Contact person: Michiko Masutani
EMC-CPC Seminar
Tuesday 17 Noon
EMC Conference room 2155 Ping Liu
Stony Brook University
MJO Structure Associated with the Higher-Order CEOF Modes
ppt Presentation
Contact person: Shrinivas Moorthi
January 2014
EMC-CPC Seminar
Friday 24, 10:00am
EMC Conference room 2155 Yihui Ding
National Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration
Inter-decadal variability of the Asian summer monsoon and its projection
ppt Presentation
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Dial IN +1 (312) 878-3078
Access Code: 494-779-949 Meeting ID:494-779-949
Contact person: Jun Du
February 2014
CPC Seminar
Wednesday 19, 10:00am
CPC training Room 3159 Sezin Tokar
Applications of Weather and Climate Information for Disaster Risk Reduction Abstract is available in One NOAA Science Seminar Calandar
Contact person: Huug Vandendool
Wednesday 26, 2:30pm
EMC Conference room 2155 Wei-Kuo Tao
Mesoscale Dynamics and Modeling Group at NASA/GSFC
Microphysics in Multi-scale Modeling System with Unified Physics
Directory for presentation
Contact person: Brad Ferrier
March 2014
EMC-CPC Seminar
Tuesday 11, noon
EMC Conference room 2155 Ming Cai
Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science, Florida State University
Variability of Mass Transport into the Upper Polar Atmosphere and Near-Surface Winter Cold Air Outbreaks in Mid-latitudes
Contact person: Huug Vandeldool
EMC-CPC Seminar
Tuesday 25, 12:30pm
NCWCP Auditorium Roberto Buizza
20-years of ensemble prediction at ECMWF
ppt Presentation
Contact person: Yuejian Zhu

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