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For last few seminars, the GTM line was full for EMC seminars and many people could not connect GTM. EMC is working on upgrade EMC GTM to increase the number of lines. Dial in callers without Audio pin will be dismissed, when anyone start making noise.

The Conference center is located on the right of the main entrance. Rm2155 is located in 2F.

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May 2016
Friday 20, 100am
Yoichiro Ota and Daisuke Hotta

Contact: Michiko Masutani
April 2016
March 2016
Tuesday 29, noon
Benjamin Blake
The Structure, Evolution, and Dynamics of a Nocturnal Convective System Simulated Using the WRF-ARW Model
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Join the conference call: EMC 1st Line 866-685-5896 passcode: 8108134#
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Meeting ID: 986-221-013
Contact: Geoff Dimego
Tuesday 22, noon
Scott Glenn, Travis Miles, Greg Seroka
Rutgers University
Stratified coastal ocean interactions with tropical cyclones
ppt Presentation
Contact: Hyun-Sook Kim
Tuesday 8, noon
JCSDA-EMC seminar
Kozo Okamoto
All-sky IR radiance for Himawari-8/AHI, Reflectivity profile of GPM-Core/DPR pdf Presentation
Contact: Michiko Masutani
Tuesday 1, noon
Alfons Callado Pallares
Spanish Meteorological Agency
AEMET-╬│-SREPS: convection-permitting EPS at the Spanish Meteorological Agency
pdf Presentation
Contact: Geoff Dimego
February 2016
Wednesday 10, noon
Jie Feng 
3D Estimates of Analysis and Short-Range Forecast Error Variances
Contact: Malaquias Mendez
December 2015
Friday 4th
Rm2155 and Rm 3553
Kozo Okamoto
Round table discussion on DWL, OSSE, and all sky radiance assimilation
Japanese Lidar by Shoken Ishii
About all sky radiance assiimilation
Contact: Micihiko Masutani
Tuesday 15th, noon
Alejandro Marti
Earth Sciences Dept., Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Centro Nacional de Supercomputaci├│n (BSC-CNS)
Volcanic Ash Modeling with the Online NMMB/BSC-ASH-v1.0 model
tared presentation file
Contact: Geoff Dimego

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