Past MEG Presentations
Past MEG Presentations/Recordings
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20 June 2024

Update on GEFSv13 Development and Operational GEFS Verification in the EMC Verification System (EVS) - Neil Barton (EMC), Alicia Bentley (EMC), and Shannon Shields (SAIC/EMC)

16 May 2024

Preliminary Results from the 2023-2024 WPC Winter Weather Experiment (WWE): Focus on RRFS Deterministic and Ensemble Performance - W. Massey Bartolini (CIRES/WPC) and James Correia Jr. (CIRES/WPC)

9 May 2024

Changes in Version 4.2 of the National Blend of Models (NBM) - Geoff Manikin (MDL)

2 May 2024

RRFS v1.0: Current Status and Beta Evaluation - Matthew Pyle (EMC)

14 March 2024

Case Review: 13 February 2024 Northeast U.S. Winter Storm - Alicia Bentley (EMC), Shannon Shields (SAIC/EMC), Marcel Caron (SAIC/EMC), and Tomer Burg (CIRES/WPC)

22 February 2024

The EMC Verification System (EVS): Real-time Verification of Unified Forecast System (UFS) Models - Jason Levit (EMC) and Alicia Bentley (EMC)

15 February 2024

A Review of the 2023 Hurricane Season - Olivia Ostwald (SAIC/EMC) and Alicia Bentley (EMC)

14 December 2023

The 30 December 2021 Colorado Front Range Windstorm and Marshall Fire: Evolution of Surface and 3D Structure, NWP Guidance, NWS Forecasts, and Decision Support - Stan Benjamin (CIRES/GSL), Eric James (CIRES/GSL), Ed Szoke (CIRA/PSL), Paul Schlatter (NWS Boulder), and John Brown (GSL emeritus)

7 December 2023

A Status Update on the 3DRTMA Development at EMC and GSL - Manuel Pondeca (Lynker/EMC) and Matt Morris (SAIC/EMC)

30 November 2023

Field Case Evaluation and Modeling Requirement Development by AFS - Young-Joon “YJ” Kim (AFS), Andy Latto (AFS), and Ethan M. Schaefer (Pathways Intern; Penn State)

16 November 2023

An RRFS Analysis during the 2023 FFaIR Experiment - Sarah Trojniak (CIRES/WPC) and James Correia Jr. (CIRES/WPC)

12 October 2023

Review of 29 September 2023 Extreme Rainfall in NYC - Nick Bassill (UAlbany, affiliated with NYS Mesonet) and Alex Lamers (EMC)