Past MEG Presentations
Past MEG Presentations/Recordings
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10 August 2023

Recap of the NAEFSv7 Field Evaluation - Alicia Bentley (EMC) and Geoff Manikin (EMC)

25 May 2023

Recent Mid-Atlantic Dewpoint Concerns - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

[Developing the new EMC Verification System (EVS) during this time]
5 January 2023

NBM V4.1 Winter Overview and Application - January 2023 Update - Andy Just (CRH STI)

15 December 2022

Improving GFS Snow Depth in GFSv16.3 and Beyond - Alicia Bentley (EMC)

10 November 2022

Scorecard evaluation of the NAM and RAP vs. GFS, and the SREF vs. GEFS to inform legacy model retirement - Jeff Beck (GSL)

27 October 2022

The 2022 Flash Flood and Intense Rainfall (FFaIR) Experiment - Sarah Trojniak (WPC) and James Correia (WPC)

13 October 2022

The 2022 NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed Spring Forecasting Experiment - Israel Jirak (SPC), Adam Clark, Burkely Gallo, David Jahn, and Eric Loken

6 October 2022

Model Guidance for Hurricane Ian - Alicia Bentley (EMC), Logan Dawson (EMC), and Geoff Manikin (EMC)

29 September 2022

Displacement Error Characteristics of 500-hPa Cutoff Lows in Operational GFS Forecasts - Kevin Lupo (NCAR)