Past MEG Presentations
Past MEG Presentations and Recordings (Google Drive folder available to those with a email address)
Presentation lists for: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015
21 December 2017

8–10 December 2017 Eastern US Winter Weather - Logan Dawson (EMC), Tracey Dorian (EMC), and Corey Guastini (EMC)

RAPv4/HRRRv3 Evaluation Update - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

14 December 2017

Overview of Precipitation Type in NCEP Models - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

30 November 2017

The Utility of Plotting NWP Monthly Mean Fields - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

The Issue of the NAM Nest Producing Too Much Precipitation Over Terrain - Corey Guastini (EMC)

16 November 2017

RAPv4/HRRRv3 Evaluation Overview - Corey Guastini (EMC)

9 November 2017

5 November 2017 Ohio Valley Severe Weather Event - Logan Dawson (EMC)

October 2017 Model Statistics - Tracey Dorian (EMC) and Corey Guastini (EMC)

2 November 2017

Preliminary Results from the 2017 NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed Spring Forecasting Experiment - Israel Jirak (SPC) and Adam Clark (NSSL)

The 2017 Flash Flood and Intense Rainfall Experiment Results and Findings - Sarah Perfater (WPC), Ben Albright (WPC), Josh Kastman (WPC), and Michael Erickson (WPC)

26 October 2017

Issues with Recent Short-range 2-m Temperature Forecasts - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

19 October 2017

Special UK Met Office High-Resolution Ensemble Forecasting Experiments for Tropical Cyclones - John Petch (UK Met Office)

Hurricane Nate (2017): Track and Intensity Forecasts, Oddities in GFS Forecasts - Tracey Dorian (EMC), Corey Guastini (EMC), and Geoff Manikin (EMC)

5 October 2017

Hurricane Maria (2017): Global Ensemble and Deterministic Systems, Hurricane Model Performance, and Puerto Rico QPF - Corey Guastini (EMC), Tracey Dorian (EMC), and Geoff Manikin (EMC)

21 September 2017

MODE Verification for Hurricane Harvey (2017) - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

GFS SST Analyses over the Florida Straits - Xu Li (EMC)

14 September 2017

Hurricane Irma (2017): Global Ensemble and Deterministic Systems, Hurricane Model Performance, QPF and GFS Rapid Intensification - Corey Guastini (EMC), Tracey Dorian (EMC), and Geoff Manikin (EMC)

7 September 2017

Hurricane Harvey (2017) Part II: Hurricane Model Statistics, Wave Model Guidance, National Water Model Guidance, QPF for Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX - Avichal Mehra (EMC), Andre Van der Westhuysen (EMC), Brian Cosgrove (OWP), and Geoff Manikin (EMC)

31 August 2017

Hurricane Harvey (2017) Part I: Global Ensembles, Deterministic Models, QPF for Houston Metro, GFS and FV3-GFS Comparison - Corey Guastini (EMC), Tracey Dorian (EMC), Geoff Manikin (EMC), and Logan Dawson (EMC)

24 August 2017

21–22 August 2017 Kansas City Flash Flooding - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

17 August 2017

RAPv4/HRRRv3 Overview - Curtis Alexander (ESRL)

Recent GFS Performance - Glenn White (EMC)

10 August 2017

An Evaluation of the HFIP Corrected Consensus Approach (HCCA) for Tropical Cyclone Track and Intensity Guidance - Andrew Penny (NHC)

Enhanced Tropical Cyclone Activity in 18Z GEFS due to NSST Bug - Corey Guastini (EMC)

3 August 2017

QPF for July Nor'easter - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

Hot GFS Temperatures in Interior California Valleys - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

20 July 2017

Spurious Deepening of Midwest Cyclone Explored for Convective Feedback in GFS - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

Urban Warm Bias in the GFS - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

13 July 2017

NSST in GFSX - Xu Li (EMC)

High Arizona Dew Points in RAPv3 - Corey Guastini (EMC)

29 June 2017

Tropical Storm Cindy (2017) GFS and GFSX Forecasts - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

Heavy Rain in Ohio Valley on 23 June 2017 - Corey Guastini (EMC)

Hi-Res SST Analyses for Lakes and Rivers - Bob Grumbine (EMC)

22 June 2017

Hi-Res Guidance for the 15 June 2017 Southern Plains Severe MCS - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

15 June 2017

California Coastal Forecast Challenges - Corey Guastini (EMC)

14–24 May 2017 GFS Dropout: Conditions and Possible Factors - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

Global Forecast Dropout Prediction Took (GFDPT) Project - V. Krishna Kumar (JCSDA)

8 June 2017

18 May 2017 Severe Weather Outbreak: Synoptic and Mesoscale Environmental Conditions and Hi-res Guidance - Tracey Dorian (EMC) and Geoff Manikin (EMC)

1 June 2017

HREFv2 Overview of Updates and Case Evaluations and Applications - Matthew Pyle (EMC), Geoff Manikin (EMC), and Tracey Dorian (EMC)

18 May 2017

Review of Model Data Sets Used in WPC-HMT Winter Weather Experiment 2017 - Mike Bodner (WPC)

4 May 2017

21 April 2017 Oklahoma MCS - Corey Guastini (EMC)

Convective Season Forecasting Tips - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

20 April 2017

Tropical Cyclone Cook (2017) - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

GEFS and GFS Performance with Winter MJO Forecasts - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

13 April 2017

2 April 2017 Louisiana Severe Weather Outbreak - Corey Guastini (EMC)

5 April 2017 Southeast Severe Weather Day: Impact of Bad GPS-PW Data - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

6 April 2017

GEFS Performance for 27–28 February 2017 Winter Event and Effects on DSS - Andrew Taylor (WFO FGZ)

GFS/GFSX/GEFS Performance for 27–28 February 2017 Arizona Heavy QPF Event - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

30 March 2017

Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie (2017) - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

GFS/GEFS Performance for Western Heat Wave - Glenn White (EMC)

23 March 2017

13–15 March 2017 Northeast Blizzard - Paul Kocin (EMC), Corey Guastini (EMC), Geoff Manikin (EMC) and Tracey Dorian (EMC)

16 March 2017

Comparison of Global Precipitation and Systematic Errors in the GFS and GFSX - Glenn White (EMC)

9 March 2017

West Coast Storms Overview and Examination of Forecasts - Marty Ralph (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

GFS and GFSX Model Performance for Anchorage, Alaska - Tracey Dorian (EMC) and Gene Petrescu (NWS ARH)

2 March 2017

Western Region Forecast Confidence Toolkit - Andy Edman (NWS WRH)

External Evaluations of GFS2017 - Glenn White (EMC)

23 Feburary 2017

9 February 2017 Northeast Winter Storm - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

17–18 February 2017 Southern California Heavy Rain - Corey Guastini (EMC)

16 Feburary 2017

Evaluation of Land Surface Upgrades in GFSX - Helin Wei (EMC)

GFS2017 Case Studies: Hurricane Joaquin (2016) and Hurricane Matthew (2016) - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

9 Feburary 2017

High-Resolution Ensemble Forecast (HREF) v2 Overview - Matthew Pyle (EMC)

Global Branch's Statistical Assessment of the GFS2017 - Glenn White (EMC)

2 Feburary 2017

Predictability of 8–10 January 2017 California Extreme Precipitation Event - Richard Grumm (NWS CTP)

NAM Snow Accumulation Dangers - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

10–11 January 2017 Surprise Heavy Snow in Portland, Oregon - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

26 January 2017

22 January 2017 Southeast High Risk Severe Weather Day - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

20–23 January 2017 California Heavy Precipitation - Corey Guastini (EMC)

26 January 2017

7–8 January 2017 Snowstorm - Tracey Dorian (EMC), Corey Guastini (EMC), and Geoff Manikin (EMC)

5 January 2017

25 December 2016 Northern Plains Blizzard - Corey Guastini (EMC)

Predictability of Upcoming West Coast Extreme Precipitation Event - Geoff Manikin (EMC)