Past MEG Presentations
Past MEG Presentations and Recordings (Google Drive folder available to those with a email address)
Presentation lists for: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015
22 December 2016

GFS Model Stats - Glenn White (EMC)

Parallel GFS Case Study: 7–8 February 2016 Cyclone - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

17 December 2016 Mid-Atlantic Winter Weather - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

15 December 2016

Parallel GFS Evaluations - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

Some Model Issues Related to Winter Weather Forecasting - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

1 December 2016

Update on GFS2017 Parallel and Retrospective Evaluations - Glenn White (EMC)

NAMv4 Update - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

10 November 2016

Parallel Testing and Evaluation of GDAS/GFS v14.0.0 - Vijay Tallapragada (EMC) and Glenn White (EMC)

3 November 2016

Super Typhoon Haima (2016) - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

27 October 2016

16 October 2016 Pacific Northwest Storm - Corey Guastini (EMC)

The Impact of Different Microphysics and Boundary Layer Parameterizations on Storm-Scale Diagnostics in Convection Allowing Models - Philip Schumacher (WFO FSD) and Joshua Boustead (WFO OAX)

20 October 2016

Results from the Community-Leveraged Unified Ensemble during the 2016 NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed Spring Forecasting Experiment - Israel Jirak (SPC) and Adam Clark (NSSL)

13 October 2016

Hurricane Matthew (2016) - Avichal Mehra (EMC), Andre Van der Westhuysen (EMC), Tracey Dorian (EMC), Corey Guastini (EMC), and Geoff Manikin (EMC)

6 October 2016

Medium Range Topic: Models Breaking Down and Moving Closed Lows Too Soon - Glenn White (EMC)

Precipitation with the 28–29 September 2016 Upper Low - Geoff Manikin (EMC) and Corey Guastini (EMC)

29 September 2016

Medium Range Topics - Glenn White (EMC)

Super Typhoon Meranti (2016) - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

22 September 2016

Medium Range Topics: Global Model Forecast Skill Scores, Systematic Performance of GFS Tropical Precipitation Forecasts, and Tropical Storm Julia (2016) - Glenn White (EMC)

15 September 2016

A Diangostic System for GFS (and ECMWF) Forecasts and Analyses - Steve Lord

National Water Model v1.0 - Brian Cosgrove (OWP)

8 September 2016

Hurricane Hermine (2016) - Avichal Mehra (EMC), Tracey Dorian (EMC), and Corey Guastini (EMC)

1 September 2016

Medium Range Topics - Glenn White (EMC)

24 August 2016 Indiana and Ohio Tornado Outbreak - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

18 August 2016

Louisiana Flooding Event - Corey Guastini (EMC) and Glenn White (EMC)

11 August 2016

Initial Results from the 2016 Flash Flood and Intense Rainfall Experiment - Ben Albright (WPC)

Summary of the 2016 HMT-WPC Winter Weather Experiment: Model Data Sets - Mike Bodner (WPC)

4 August 2016

Medium Range Topics - Glenn White (EMC)

The Emerging GFS Low-Level Warm/Dry Bias in the Plains - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

28 July 2016

Exploring the Sensitivity of Convection Initiation and Storm Evolution to Grid Spacing in Convection-Allowing NAM Simulations - Michael Colbert (Penn State) and Eli Dennis (Penn State)

Medium Range Topics: Global Dropout and Pacific Tropical Storms - Glenn White (EMC)

21 July 2016

Review of GFS Forecast Skill in 2015 - Fanglin Yang (EMC)

Medium Range Topics - Glenn White (EMC)

7 July 2016

Real-Time Ensembles on NOMADS - Jordan Alpert (EMC)

RAPv3/HRRRv2 Upgrades - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

30 June 2016

23–24 June 2016 West Virginia Floods: Short-Range Predictability and Precipitation Verification - Corey Guastini (EMC) and Glenn White (EMC)

23 June 2016

11 June 2016 Null Event in New York and Pennsylvania - Mike Evans (WFO BGM)

Information on Current Operational GFS Output and Future Plans - Huiya Chuang (EMC)

Medium Range Topics - Glenn White (EMC)

16 June 2016

Instability Issues in the GFS - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

Using GIS to Display, Assess, and Convey Ensemble Model Output - Jack Settelmaier (NWS SRH)

9 June 2016

Tropical Storm Colin (2016) - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

5 June 2016 East Coast Severe Weather - Corey Guastini (EMC)

Medium Range Topics - Glenn White (EMC)

2 June 2016

Tropical Storm Bonnie (2016) and East Coast Rainfall - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

GFS QPF Bias over Southwest Lower Michigan and Its Influence on PoP Forecasts in the Central Region - T.J. Turnage (WFO GRR)

Convection Issues in the GFS - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

19 May 2016

Top Problems in the GFS - Glenn White (EMC)

12 May 2016

Cyclone Amos (2016) - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

9 May 2016 Oklahoma Tornadoes - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

5 May 2016

26 April 2016 Severe Weather Outbreak - Geoff Manikin (EMC) and Corey Guastini (EMC)

Evaluation of Hurricane Forecast Skill in NCEP GFS Retrospective Experiments for the FY2016 Implementation - Fanglin Yang (EMC)

28 April 2016

NAM v4 Update: Model and Analysis/Assimilation Changes - Eric Rogers (EMC)

Cyclone Fantala (2016) - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

21 April 2016

Exploring the Impact of Tropical Cyclone Relocation for the Operational NCEP GFS/GDAS: Case Study of Hurricane Joaquin (2015) - Daryl Kleist (University of Maryland)

18 April 2016 Houston Flooding - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

7 April 2016

Top Problems in the GFS - Glenn White (EMC)

Winter 2015-16 MJO Verification: January 11 - March 11 - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

31 March 2016

23 March 2016 Central U.S. Storm - Tracey Dorian (EMC) and Corey Guastini (EMC)

24 March 2016

20–21 March 2016 New England Winter Storm - Tracey Dorian (EMC) and Geoff Manikin (EMC)

17 March 2016

Heavy Rainfall in South Central US - Tracey Dorian (EMC), Geoff Manikin (EMC), and Corey Guastini (EMC)

10 March 2016

Cyclone Winston (2016) - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

New ECMWF Forecast Suite Implementation - Glenn White (EMC)

3 March 2016

24 February 2016 Major Eastern U.S. Storm: Bimodal Clustering in the SREF and Global Model Evaluation - Geoff Manikin (EMC) and Tracey Dorian (EMC)

25 Feburary 2016

Parallel GFS Case Studies - Tracey Dorian (EMC) and Glenn White (EMC)

18 Feburary 2016

GFS Dry Bias Across the Gulf Coast and Southeast - Marc Chenard (WPC)

Wave Forecasts for Hawaii

15–16 February 2016 Winter Precipitation Event - Corey Guastini (EMC)

11 February 2016

Ongoing GFSX Evaluations - Glenn White (EMC)

Predictability of Two Recent East Coast Storms - Geoff Manikin (EMC)

4 February 2016

MODE Verification of CAPE - Tracey Dorian (EMC)

GDAS/GFS Upgrades for 2016 - Vijay Tallapragada (EMC)

28 January 2016

22–24 January 2016 Blizzard - Corey Guastini (EMC), Geoff Manikin (EMC), and Tracey Dorian (EMC)

21 January 2016

Need for Additional SREF Information in AWIPS2 - Philip Schumacher (WFO FSD)

Validation of Extratropical Cyclones in Three Global Ensemble Systems over Eastern North America and the Western Atlantic Ocean - Nathan Korfe (SUNY Stony Brook) and Brian Colle (SUNY Stony Brook)

14 January 2016

Q3FY16 GFS Upgrade: Data Assimilation Verification - Cathy Thomas (EMC)

Update on Upcoming GFS Implementation - Glenn White (EMC)

7 January 2016

2015 MEG Review - Geoff Manikin (EMC), Glenn White (EMC), and Corey Guastini (EMC)

Forecast Confidence Tools for Identifying Atmospheric Rivers - Jon Rutz (NWS WRH)