The WRF-Chemistry Model and Numerical Air Quality Prediction (NAQP) at MCNC's North Carolina Supercomputing Center:
Possibilities for Partnership with NCEP

John McHenry

MCNC's Environmental Modeling Center at the North Carolina Supercomputing Center

MCNC's Environmental Modeling Center (, located at the North Carolina Supercomputing Center (NCSC) ( in Research Triangle Park, NC, has pioneered the development and deployment of an operational numerical air quality prediction (NAQP) system. We are actively participating in NOAA's air quality forecasting initiative, and are working with FSL/NCAR in the development of the WRF-Chemistry model. In this seminar, we will describe the current generation system including representative recent forecast evaluations, describe the software engineering needed to both optimize compute-intensive photochemical models for operational forecasting and couple them to efficient online emissions models in real-time, review our current and planned contributions to WRF-Chem, and provide an overview of MCNC's North Carolina Supercomputing Center, its capabilities, and mission. Possible opportunities for collaboration/partnership with NCEP in transition of the prototype WRF-Chemistry and/or (parts of) current-generation model(s) to production national-scale Eta-in-WRF-Chem forecasting will be explored.