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This page shows some of the results from EXP000 run which is a simulation using original LDAS forcing with a reduced land mask. The mask includes points over Oklahoma Mesonet 72 stations, ARM/CART 24 stations, Illinois 19 stations and 14 High Plain Regional Climate Center (HPRCC) Nebraska. The EXP111 run results are also available. This run uses local observed forcing at 72 Oklahoma Mesonet stations and 13 ARM/CART EF stations.

The results showing here include
  • Time series of Precipitation, Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature over Oklahoma Mesonet stations and Illinois Stations
  • Monthly Mean Diurnal Cycle of surface fluxes over 14 ARM/CART EBBR stations
  • Skin Temperature Validation against ARM/CART SIRS sites
  • Daily Time Series of Precipitation, Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature
    EXP000 and EXP111 Run

    *Available for OK Mesonet stations, ARM/CART stations and Illinois stations
  • The volumetric soil moisture at one model layer is simply the total soil water content in that layer divided by the layer thickness, 100 mm and 300 mm respectively.
  • The Illinois stations have only soil moisture available. Since the observations are total water content at 11 layers from the surface down to 2 m (0-10,10-30, 30-50, 50-70, 70-90, 90-110, 110-130, 130-150, 150-170, 170-190, 190-200).
  • The observations at Illinois stations are vertically intergrated to match the model layers. For example, the second model layer (10-40 cm) is compared with values derived from observations at 10-30 cm and 30-50 cm, simply V(10-30)+V(30-50)*0.5.
  • Observations at ARM/CART SWATS stations are at 8 depths (5,15,25,35,60,85,125,175cm). To compare with the model, values at 5 cm is used as equivalent to model layer 1, averages of 15,25 and 35 cm are used as equivalent to model layer 2.
  • At most of the Oklahoma Mesonet stations, the precipitation from LDAS forcing agree well with the local observed precipitation.
  • Soil temperature at all Mesonet stations are very well simulated by the model at daily scale at both layers.
  • Soil moisture simulation at several Oklahoma Mesonet stations is very different from previous run.
  • Soil moisture at several Illinois stations are too strange to understand. For example: ORR, DEK, MON, ICC, LCC, FRE, STE, MTF, OAK. At these stations, the second model layer has too much water so that the volumetric value calculated in the way described above exceedes 1. Meanwhile, the third layer has very little water, producing near 0 volumetric values.
    Update: This is because the new version of VIC uses different soil depth for the second and third layer for part of the LDAS domain. The soil layer depth can be found here .
  • Monthly Mean Diurnal Cycle of Heat Fluxes
    EXP000 Run

    * Available at ARM/CART EBBR stations.
  • The plots include observations from ARM/CART Extended Facilities with EBBR instruments as well as SIRS instruments.
  • The Net Radiation at the surface( Panel 2 in the plot) is from EBBR stations, while the net shortwave and net longwave radiation are from SIRS stations. So when you add those two, there will be a difference between the sum and the net radiation. Use the net shortwave and longwave in most cases.
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: When averaging over all available stations, model values are averaged only when observations are also available.
  • Skin Temperature Scatterplots
    * Available at ARM/CART SIRS stations.
  • AVSFT(grib # 138) from the model output is used here. Even VIC has PVWM(grib # 139 effective radiative temperature) in the output, we use AVSFT to make consistent with other models.
  • All three panels in one plot have the same sample size.
  • Once GOES or ARM/CART observations are missing, the respective values from model output are ignored.
  • Soil Moisture Time Series
    EXP000 and EXP00_newsoil Run

    *Available for OK Mesonet stations

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