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Daily Time Series of Precipitation, Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature
EXP000 Run

*Available for OK Mesonet stations, ARM/CART stations and Illinois stations
  • The volumetric soil moisture at one model layer is simply the total soil water content in that layer divided by the layer thickness, 100 mm and 300 mm respectively.
  • The Illinois stations have only soil moisture available. Since the observations are total water content at 11 layers from the surface down to 2 m (0-10,10-30, 30-50, 50-70, 70-90, 90-110, 110-130, 130-150, 150-170, 170-190, 190-200).
  • The observations at Illinois stations are vertically intergrated to match the model layers. For example, the second model layer (10-40 cm) is compared with values derived from observations at 10-30 cm and 30-50 cm, simply V(10-30)+V(30-50)*0.5.
  • Observations at ARM/CART SWATS stations are at 8 depths (5,15,25,35,60,85,125,175cm). To compare with the model, values at 5 cm is used as equivalent to model layer 1, averages of 15,25 and 35 cm are used as equivalent to model layer 2.
  • At most of the Oklahoma Mesonet stations, the precipitation from LDAS forcing agree well with the local observed precipitation.
  • Model soil temperature depth unknown.
  • Monthly Mean Diurnal Cycle of Heat Fluxes
    EXP000 Run

    * Available at ARM/CART EBBR stations.
  • The plots include observations from ARM/CART Extended Facilities with EBBR instruments as well as SIRS instruments.
  • The surface net shortwave radiation is over-estimated at some ARM/CART sites.
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: When averaging over all available stations, model values are averaged only when observations are also available.
  • Skin Temperature Scatterplots
    * Available at ARM/CART SIRS stations.
  • AVSFT(grib # 138) from the model output is used here.
  • All three panels in one plot have the same sample size.
  • Once GOES or ARM/CART observations are missing, the respective values from model output are ignored.
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