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      Jul 30, 2002: Oklahoma Mesonet soil moisture for the year of 2001 are released.
      Apr 5, 2002: Reduced domain runs (EXP000 and EXP111) are available from all models.
      Mar 5, 2002: Oklahoma Mesonet soil moisture for the year of 2000 are released.
      Mar 16, 2004: Version 3.0 of the Oklahoma Mesonet data were released recently.

North-American Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS) is a project which is developing an NLDAS that will lead to more accurate reanalysis and forecast simulations by numerical weather prediction (NWP) models. Specifically, the system will reduce the errors in the stores of soil moisture and energy which are often present in NWP models and which degrade the accuracy of forecasts. Running on a 1/8th-degree grid in a near real-time fashion, the scheme is currently forced by terrestrial precipitation data, space-based radiation data and ETA model output. In order to create an optimal scheme, the project has involved several LSMs and sources of data from several institutions and may eventually include many more.

NLDAS validation project was conducted by Alan Robock, Konstantin Vinnikov, and Lifeng Luo, and the webpage was constructed and developed by Lifeng Luo. Now this web is maitained and updated by Kenneth Mitchell and Youlong Xia at NOAA/NCEP/EMC for NLDAS project.

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