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EPA CMAQ Bibliography

(V6.0: FV3GFS, GBx smoke, FV3-Chm LBCs)

(V5.1: NEI 2014V2 , O3 bc)

(CMAQ v5.02)
(NEI 2011 emissions upgrade, 35l, NGAC LBCs, PM Bias Corr.)

(improved air-sfc cpling, emissions upgrade, pm)
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  •  2013
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  •         2012
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    17th Conf. on Air Pollution Meteor. with the A&WMA.
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    Off-Line/On-Line Capability: Coupling CMAQ to NCEP NMM, NATO/ITM.
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    Coverage to Include Particulate Matter, NATO/ITM.
2011 Upgrades
(NEMS-NMMB Meteorology)
2010 Upgrades
(Alaska, Hawaii Implementation, V4.6, NAM upgrade)

2006  Implementation
vertical coupling, V4.4
2005 System
Eastern U.S., 3X, improved convective mixing
NAM Information

Interim Smoke Forecast Tool (Hysplit)

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