Ensemble-based data assimilation intercomparison project

December 18, 2008 Telecon

Telecon summary

Mozheng Wei:     GFS EnKF update (Dec 08)

Eugenia Kalnay:  Summary of the Buenos Aires ETKF meeting   

Mozheng Wei:     Analysis differences and error variance from different NWP Centers

Craig H. Bishop:  Pitfalls of Localization in Radiance Space

April 1, 2008 Telecon

Jeff Whitaker:      Emsemble DA prototype tests

Milija Zupanski:   Localized MLEF + WRF

Mozheng Wei:      Estimating analysis error variances from GSI

Eugenia Kalnay:    Accelerating Spin-up

Craig H. Bishop:    Difficulty with combined observations

October 4, 2007 Telecon

Telecon summary  (10/17/07)

Milija Zupanski:   Impact of the MLEF minimization     With WRF model and real observations

Jeff Whitaker:      EnKF testing at NCEP

Istvan Szunyogh:   Observation bias correction with the LETKF

Junjie Liu:             Observation sensitivity with the ensemble

Shu-Chi Yang:       Interpolating the weights

Fuqing Zhang:       Using EnKF to assimilate WSR-88D

Xuguang Wang:    Hybrid 3DVar/EnKF for WRF

Craig H. Bishop:    ECO-RAP

May 17, 2007 Telecon

Telecon Summary  (06/06/07)

Eugenia Kalnay:   Comparison of ensemble-based and variational-based

Craig Bishop:        Brief Review of SENCORP Moderation

January 30, 2007 Telecon

Telecon Summary  (04/30/07)

Jeff Whitaker:    Ensemble DA of Satellite Radiances

Fuqing Zhang:     Regional EnKF

Greg Hakim:     University of Washington EnKF Performance Summary


October 19, 2006 Telecon

Telecon Summary  (01/24/07)

Jeff Whitaker:    Ensemble DA results

Craig Bishop:     Modulating spurious correlations


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