Second THORPEX International Science Symposium (STISS)

4-8 December Landshut, Germany

NOAA and NOAA-supported Abstracts from the Workshop

NAEFS calibration and post-processing methods

A Stochastic Perturbation Scheme for the NCEP Global Ensemble Forecast System

River Flow Forecasting Based on GFS Ensemble Runoff Forecasts

Statistical Comparison Between Satellite-Derived and NOAA Wind Profiler Network Observations

Efforts to Improve the Assimilation and Analysis of Satellite-derived Winds

NOAA and NOAA-supported Presentations from the Workshop

OSSE:  International Collaboration & the New Nature Run

NAEFS:  An Operational Multi-center Forecast System

ET based Initial Perturbations in NCEP Global Operational Forecast System

Comparing an operational 3D-Var with an experimental Ensemble DA system

Recent Developments with the NCEP GEFS

NOAA-THORPEX Principal Investigator Abstracts from the Workshop

NCEP Abstracts from the Workshop

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