Engineering and Implementation Branch (EIB)

Engineering and Implementation Branch (EIB)


Mission Statement


To support EMC's mission by developing and maintaining tools, setting coding and workflow standards, managing/developing system codes and workflow, provide support across the different HPC platforms, and explore ways to improve the efficiency of these systems.


Functions include:

  • Develop infrastructure for Unified Forecast System (UFS)
  • Managing/developing system codes and workflow to support development at EMC, interaction with the wider NWP community, and for NCEP operational implementations
  • Repositories and code management
  • Developing software tools
  • Developing implementation standards in collaboration with NCEP Central Operations and enforcing them in those modeling suite systems maintained by EMC
  • Evaluate EMC implementation packages to ensure they adhere to standards
  • Improve efficiency of the modeling suites at EMC
  • Explore new toolsets / technologies that can be beneficial to developing and/or transitioning systems into operations
  • Push to retire / consolidate legacy modeling systems
  • Establish standard testing frameworks



Branch Chief, Dr. Arun Chawla