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2nd Winter T-PARC Workshop

When:   May 7 2010

Where: NOAA
David Skaggs Research Center
Room GC402
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305

What: The workshop will review the field phase of Winter T-PARC, as well as related research, including studies on dry and moist processes of storm initiation/formation/development stages, meso-scale storm structure studies of the storm at different stages, forecast error growth, socio-economical benefits of improved forecasts, Rossby wave packet studies and adaptive observation with enhanced conventional observing network, and the evaluation of the impact of targeted observations on forecasts of high impact weather events.

The Winter T-PARC workshop will take place after the 2nd NOAA Testbed/USWRP Workshop (May 3-5, 2010) and the THORPEX PI workshop (May 6) at ESRL, in Boulder, CO.

Why:   Winter T-PARC was an international field campaign led by NOAA and joined by researchers from agencies and universities across the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, ECWMF, and Russia. The main objective of Winter T-PARC is to understand how perturbations from the tropics, Eurasia and polar fronts evolve through the waveguide and turn into high impact weather events. Adaptive observations by manned aircrafts (NOAA G-IV and US Air force C-130s) and enhanced Russian Rawainsonde network over data sparse regions have been deployed. Non-adaptive aircraft measurements over the Pacific Rim and part of India were also deployed through E-AMDAR program. Observational data has been assimilated by all operational centers to improve real time numerical weather prediction. Post field studies will focus on aspects such as: meso-scale storm structure, data impact on forecast and analysis, dry and moist processes that affect the formation and propagation of perturbations, error growth, socio-economic applications such as costs and benefits of improved forecasts and their use by the public for high impact weather events.

Workshop Goals:

Logistics:   Working lunches will be provided for all attendees at $12.50 per day. CASH ONLY—there is NO ATM on site.

Contact:  If you would like additional information or have questions, please contact Yucheng Song.