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NCEP SREF Forecast Page

Du, et al. 2006: SREF WMO paper  overview

Zhou, et al. 2004: SREF Aviation project overview

2004 system overview

Operational Change Log

Parallel Run  Change Log 

Current Mean/Spread & probabilistic fields List

 SREF Verification/Evaluation Links

SREF Verification

NCO  Operational SREF graphics

NCO Parallel SREF graphics

NWS/WFO State College PA web site



December 2005 SREF Upgrades

Addition of 6 WRF members, Additional GRIB output for AWIPS

NCO Change Notice

Upgrade Presentation


NWP 05 Conf. Upgrade Paper

List of Proposed Additional GRIB Products



August 2005 SREF Upgrades

Forecast extension to 87 hours, Output for Alaska and Hawaii, RSM member Bufr sounding files

McQueen, et al., 2005: NWP Conf. Overview

Zhou, 2005:  Verification of LLWS

NWP 05 Upgrade Presentation



August 2004 SREF Upgrades

32 km, Scaled Breeding, Increased Physics Diversity, Eta member Bufr Sounding files

Aug. 04 Change Notice 

Ferrier, 2004: NWP conf. Eta member

convective param description

Aug. 04 Implementation Brief

SPC, 2004:  Spring 03 Program  Evaluation 

Du, et al. 2004: NWP conf. Overview

Manikin, 2004: NWP Conf. SREF evaluation


September 2003 SREF Upgrades

Additional Eta-KF members and Products

Sept. 03 Change Notice

Sept. 03 Implementation Brief (ppt) 

July 03 NEHRT SREF Energy Brief 


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