NCEP Global Ensemble Verification

GEFS Verification

Evaluation of FV3-GEFS Experiments


Reforecast Monitoring Verification

GEFS Precipitation Forecast Verifications

Calibrated (Bias-corrected and Downscaled) 6hr QPF/PQPF

Calibrated (Bias-corrected and Downscaled) 24hr QPF/PQPF

Climatology-Calibrated Precipitation Analysis

Real Time CCPA Maps

CCPA Image Animation

NUOPC Project

NUOPC Verification Plots (updated seasonally)

CSTAR Project

Real-time NCEP+CMC Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis Plots

Real-time ECMWF Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis and Fuzzy Clustering Plots (password protected)


CCPA Introduction

CCPA Article

2018 AMS Poster for CCPA

2016 AGU Poster for GEFS Precip Verification

2016 AMS Poster for CCPA

2015 AGU Poster for NAEFS Precip Bias-correction and Downscaling

2014 AMS Poster for Model Precip Climatology

2013 AMS Presentation for CCPA

2012 AMS Poster for CCPA

2012 AMS Presentation for CCPA

2011 AMS Presentation for CCPA

5th Ensemble Workshop Presentation


CSTAR Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis Website

WMO EPS Verification Website


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