The Subseasonal Experiment (SubX)

An NCEP Global Ensemble Forecast System for Monthly Forecasts
Lead PI: Yuejian Zhu (NOAA/EMC)
Co-PIs: Malaquías Peña (NOAA/EMC), Wei Li (NOAA/EMC), Xiaqiong Zhou (NOAA/EMC), Hong Guan (NOAA/EMC)
Collaborators: Dingchen Hou (NOAA/EMC), Richard Wobus (NOAA/EMC), Xu Li (NOAA/EMC), Qin Zhang (NOAA/CPC),
Dan Collins (NOAA/CPC), Jon Gottschalck (NOAA/CPC)

Abstract: This project will construct, test and prepare for implementation an ensemble forecast system for the 1-35 days lead-time with the more advance ensemble methods, coupled with realistically evolving SST that outperforms current skill benchmarks, providing routine forecast outputs to CPC forecasters and contributing to the NMME-Phase 2 sub-seasonal project.