Mesoscale Parallel Experiment Change Log

Experiment Name:  North American NEMS/NMMB test

When Who What
2013/06/15/00 Wu
  • Turned off raob level enhancement in GSI analysis
  • 2013/05/28/18 Ferrier, Janjic, Rogers
  • Changed GWD parameter dpmin (height in cb of lower reference level) from 5 to 0 (equivalent to the first model level above ground or the PBL height, whichever is higher)
  • Bug fix in gravity wave drag: the critical pressure level (RLOLEV), which has been set to 500 in the model configure file, should be in centibars, so it has been changed to 50.
  • 2013/04/30/12 Carley, Wu, Rogers
  • Discovered that the GSI analysis for both NAM parallels on Zeus were reading in ozone observations; since the analysis has is now reading in the GFS ozone field and has the switch use_gfs_ozone=true, the analysis was trying to analyse the ozone data using the GFS field as a background. This led to converegence issues and degredation of the analysis. The fix is to remove the copy of the ozone observations into the analysis job.
  • Restarted cycled land states and satellite bias corrections from NDASX
  • 2013/04/24/00 Ferrier, Tassone
  • Change the elevated critical threshold for the onset of condensation (RHgrd) to be 0.98
  • Change in radiation to allow for lower thresholds of nonzero cloud fractions, which allow for cloud fractions as small as 0.1%.
  • Increase z0clim roughness length values for these IGBP vegetation types:
    1. Evergreen Needleleaf Forest
    2. Deciduous Broadleaf Forest
    3. Mixed Forests
    4. Croplands
    5. Cropland/natural vegetation mosaic
  • 2013/03/24/00 Rogers
  • Began running a parallel NAM control run on Zeus with the same model and analysis changes as NAMX. See the parallel NAMX change log for all changes made to the parent NAM parallel run prior to 3/24/2013.