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Decision Brief: Upgrade to HiResWindow

Why Did SPC Start Looking at High Resolution WRF Models?

There were some striking successes from the very beginning.

Example of Explicit 4.5 km WRF-NMM courtesy of Jack Kain

Over the Years, SPC Finds Value in HiRes Guidance

HiResWindow Upgrade: 12/19/2006 Request from SPC

HiResWindow Upgrade 2007

HIRES Window 2007 Upgrade Domain Size Changes

Old vs New Schedule

HiResWindow WRF Configurations (No Parameterized Convection)

Online Sites

Pyle Webpage Now Displaying Simulated Reflectivity

Mesoscale Detail – this 12 h forecast captures the reflectivity minimum in eastern NY in the lee of the Berkshires/Green Mountains, and some of the enhanced reflectivites in northern CT and extending into SE New York.

Spring Program 2007

Forecast Fit-to-Sfc Temperature Obs

Forecast Fit-to-Sfc Wind Obs

Eastern & Western QPF scores

Longer Duration QPF Verification 12 Dec, 2006 – 29 Aug, 2007 (less Feb/Mar)

QPF Verification Summary

14 August 2007 Example Case

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Slide 29

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Eastern Region Interest

SPC Feedback

SPC Evaluation: Steve Weiss part 1

SPC Evaluation: Steve Weiss Part 2

SPC Evaluation: Steve Weiss Part 3

SPC Evaluation: Steve Weiss Part 4

OSIP / SREC Progress at Silver Spring

Author: Geoff DiMego


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