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Crisis Implementation of Patchy Snow Change + Upgrade to HiResWindow

Crisis Change Planned To Fix Nighttime Cold Bias Over Snow

Meso Eta and AVN 84hr Forecasts for 1/4/2002

Complaints About Nighttime Cold Bias Over Snow

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Time Series of Meso Eta Forecast Energy Fluxes etc valid 1/4/2002

Several Possible Causes Examined For the South Carolina Case

Problem Narrowed Down

2m Temperature Forecasts Before and After Change

Description of the Changes

July 2001 Bundle began to address this nighttime cold bias Cold Season Feb 2001 retrospective runs

Fits to Surface obs from recent 32-km parallel ETAV=control, ETAL=new soil heat flux (Western US – region with most persistent snow cover)

Changes Tested in Eta-32 Parallel

Changes to Daily Fixed Domain HiResWindow Runs

New Resolution HiResWindow Fixed-Domain Nested Runs

Nonhydrostatic Mesoscale Model

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Homeland Security

26 Selectable 4km domains for homeland security response

Author: Geoff DiMego


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