This webpage includes soundings from the GFSv16 retrospectives generated by NCEP/EMC.
GFSv16 sounding graphics are created by the NCEP/EMC Model Evaluation Group (MEG).
*Please check back regularly for updates*
Last update: Wednesday 26 August 2020

GFSv16 Official Evaluation Webpage - Maintained by NCEP/EMC MEG
GFSv16 Retrospective Case Studies - Maintained by NCEP/EMC MEG


Hurricane Florence (Sep 2018)
Hurricane Michael (Oct 2018)
SVR Weather in May 2019 (May 2019)
Spring California Storm (May 2019)
San Francisco Heat (Jun 2019)
Hurricane Barbara (Jul 2019)
Hurricane Barry (Jul 2019)
Eastern U.S. Extreme Heat (Jul 2019)
TCs Erick/Flossie (Jul/Aug 2019)
Alaskan Wildfires (Aug 2019)
Southern U.S. Heat (Aug 2019)
Hurricane Dorian (Aug/Sep 2019)
Peak Tropical Cyclone Season (Sep 2019)
October Snow Storm (Oct 2019)
Tropical Storm Nestor (Oct 2019)
Tropical Storm Olga (Oct 2019)
Intermountain West Cold (Oct 2019)
Halloween Storm (Oct 2019)
Central U.S. Cold Surge (Nov 2019)
Alaska Snow Storm (Nov 2019)
Chicago Thanksgiving Storm (Nov 2019)
West Coast Bomb Cyclone (Nov 2019)
Post-Thanksgiving Storm (Nov/Dec 2019)
North American "Bomb" Cyclone (Dec 2019)
New York Ice Event (Dec 2019)
Tropical Cyclone Sarai (Dec 2019)
Alaskan New Year Storm (Jan 2020)
Pacific Northwest Windstorm (Jan 2020)
January Cold Blast (Jan 2020)
Nova Scotia Cyclone (Jan 2020)
Midwest Ptype Issues (Jan 2020)
Alaskan Cyclone (Jan 2020)
Pacific NW Atmos. River (Jan/Feb 2020)
Mid-Atlantic Feb SVR (Jan/Feb 2020)
Southern U.S. QPF (Feb 2020)
Valentine's Day Cold (Feb 2020)
Tropical Cyclone Vicky (Feb 2020)
Tennessee Tornadoes (Mar 2020)
Easter Sunday SVR (Apr 2020)
Southeast U.S. SVR (Apr 2020)
Mother's Day Cold (May 2020)
Southern Plains SVR (May 2020)


"FV3 has been chosen as the dynamical core for the Next Generation Global Prediction System project (NGGPS),
designed to upgrade the current operational Global Forecast System (GFS) to run as a unified,
fully-coupled system in NOAA's Environmental Modeling System infrastructure."