About the plumes: Data for each station is interpolated from a 0.5-degree grid for both the GEFS (gray lines for control and perturbed members; black for mean) and GFS (blue line), though the native resolution of the GFS is ~13 km vs ~33 km in the GEFS. The precipitation-type plot uses the closest gridpoint to each station as opposed to interpolation and does not contain a trace for the GFS. In the 3-h accumulation plots, F00 values are derived from the previous cycle's forecast. All observed data are derived from hourly station reports. Zoom for more CONUS stations.

This site is not operational; therefore, data will be missing occasionally. The contact for this site is: alicia.bentley@noaa.gov

start total accumulated QPF and snowfall at 0 inches
when adjusting forecast hours spanned

plot observed temperature, dew point, wind, SLP, and
accumulated precipitation when available