RRFS Graphics

The Rapid Refresh Forecast System (RRFS) is NOAA's next generation convection-allowing, rapidly-updated ensemble prediction system, currently scheduled for operational implementation in 2025. The RRFS will provide guidance to support forecast interests including, but not limited to, aviation, severe convective weather, renewable energy, heavy precipitation, and winter weather on timescales where rapidly-updated guidance is particularly useful.

The following sets of plots are available, click on the links below to view them:



RRFS_A (North America, Caribbean)

NAM & RRFS Fire Weather Nests

RRFS_A Ensemble Members

RRFS_A Ensemble Products (courtesy of Matt Pyle)

These are the current experimental real-time configurations of the RRFS:

RRFS_A: A RRFS prototype that features a 3 km grid covering North America and includes deterministic and ensemble forecasts to 60 hours four times per day at 00, 06, 12, and 18 UTC, and deterministic only forecasts to 18 hours for other cycles. All forecasts are initialized from a hybrid 3DEnVar data assimilation system with hourly updates.

RRFS Fire Weather (RRFSFW): A 1.5 km nest that is run over the same domain as the operational NAM fire weather nest. Includes deterministic forecasts out to 36 hours at 00, 06, 12, and 18 UTC.

DISCLAIMER: The real-time RRFS prototype is experimental and evolving.
It is not under 24x7 monitoring and is not "operational".
Graphics are generated on the development WCOSS2 (Cactus or Dogwood)
and will not appear when output is delayed/missing or the machine is unavailable.