FV3GFS Retrospectives

This webpage includes links to retrospective cases examined during the official evaluation
of the NCEP FV3GFS organized by the NCEP/EMC Model Evaluation Group (MEG).
*Please check back regularly for updates*
Last update: Monday 26 November 2018


(Overview) MEG Evaluation of FV3GFS Retrospectives - Presented by Logan Dawson (7/19/18 MEG Meeting)
FV3GFS East Coast Winter Storm Retrospectives - Presented by Tracey Dorian/Alicia Bentley/Logan Dawson (8/16/18 MEG Meeting)
FV3GFS North Atlantic/East Pacific TC Retrospectives - Presented by Geoff Manikin (8/23/18 MEG Meeting)
FV3GFS Western U.S. Retrospectives - Presented by Alicia Bentley (9/6/18 MEG Meeting)
FV3GFS Alaskan Retrospectives - Presented by Tracey Dorian (9/6/18 MEG Meeting)
FV3GFS QPF Retrospectives - Presented by Alicia Bentley (9/13/18 MEG Meeting)


"Bomb" Cyclone (3-5 January)
TC Gita (3-22 February)
Mid-Atlantic Windstorm (2-3 March)
Albany, NY, Snowstorm (2-3 March)
New England Nor'easter (7-8 March)
Californian Atmospheric River (21-23 March)
Alaskan Cyclone (23-26 April)
TC Lane (15-29 August)
TC Florence (31 August-19 September)
TC Walaka (29 September-9 October)
TC Michael (7-16 October)


Western U.S. Atmospheric River (6-11 February)
"Pi Day" Blizzard (13-15 March)
Mississippi Valley Flood (25 April-7 May)
Great Plains Severe Weather (18-19 May)
TC Cindy Flooding (19-24 June)
July Nor'easter (29-30 July)
TC Noru (19 July-9 August)
Interior CA Extreme Temps (1-2 August)
TC Harvey (16 August-2 September)
TC Irma (30 August-13 September)
TC Maria (16 September-2 October)
Alaskan Cyclone (26-28 September)
TC Nate (3-11 October)
Southern Snowstorm (7-10 December)
Cold Air Outbreak (25 Dec 2017-7 Jan 2018)


Blizzard of 2016 (21-24 January)
TC Winston (7-26 February)
TC Amos (13-25 April)
Central U.S. Severe Weather Outbreak (26-27 April)
TC Matthew (28 September-10 October)
TC Nicole (4-20 October)
Pacific Northwest Windstorm (13-16 October)


TC Soudelor (29 July-12 August)
TC Erika (24-28 August)
Pacific Northwest Windstorm (29 August)
TC Ida (18-27 September)
TC Joaquin (26 September-15 October)
South Carolina Flooding (1-5 October)
TC Patricia (20-24 October)


"FV3 has been chosen as the dynamical core for the Next Generation Global Prediction System project (NGGPS),
designed to upgrade the current operational Global Forecast System (GFS) to run as a unified,
fully-coupled system in NOAA’s Environmental Modeling System infrastructure."