EMC seminar contact

Contact for Security for NCWCP:
Julie Etter (301)683-3953
All non NOAA visitors need to contact Julie If you do not have US citizenship or permanent residency, you must contact Julie Etter at least three working day before the seminar so she can arrange building access for you.
Information about Valid ID (REAL ID) for NCWCP is https://www.dhs.gov/real-id
If you are interested in giving a seminar at EMC:
Mary Hart Mary.Hart@noaa.gov (301)683-3821
and/or Michiko Masutani

Tuesday noon a room is researved for the EMC seminar. If you wish to organize a seminar other time we could also arrange. Please check the Note on organizing a seminar
Direction, hotels and other information :
Mary Hart Mary.Hart@noaa.gov (301)683-3821

If you have given presentations at any meetings, please consider sharing with the people here by giving an extended talk at an EMC seminar. If you are hosting visitors, please consider inviting them to give an EMC seminar during their visit. All EMC benefits greatly from these professional interactions so please check your calendars for upcoming visitors and see if they would like to give a seminar. When a new staff member joins EMC, it would be a good time to have them present their previous work.

There are many seminar series are now active at the WWB but the EMC seminar still has its own unique role. The EMC sack lunch seminar accepts a wide range of challenging subjects. Many of the top scientists around the world have given seminars at EMC as well as young scientists. Many seminars have covered on-going research and controversial subjects.

EMC seminars are usually scheduled on Tuesdays at noon. Rm 2155 and WebEx are reserved for EMC seminars every Tuesday. We can accommodate other days or times if there is a conflict with travel schedules or meetings, but please make an effort to keep to this regular schedule.