Status of Earth Simulator's Research & Development

Kazuo Yoshida

National Space Development Agency of Japan


An ultra high-speed parallel computer system for research on global environment change, which we call `Earth Simulator(ES)' has been studied and developed at the Earth Simulator Research and Development Center (ESRDC) in Japan.

ES is a high-speed vector processor based massive parallel computer system. The goal of the ES is to achieve at least 5 T flop/s sustained performance for AGCM. ES consists of 640 Processor Nodes (PNs) connected by a fast single-stage crossbar network. Each PN has 8 Arithmetic Processors (APs) sharing 16GB main memory. Total main memory capacity and peak performance are 10TB and 40 T flop/s, respectively.

ES will be completed by the end of February 2002 at Yokohama in Japan and going to operate after March 2002. We plan to open it to the public for research on global environment change.