Use of Cloud Resolving Model to Address the Climate Change Problem

Dr. Marat Khairoutdinov

Abstract: A Colorado State University's 3-D massively parallel cloud resolving model (CSULEM) is presented. In addition to conventional single-column-type simulations, the model has been used to model cloud organization and interaction with the tropical large-scale circulation using large domains (up to 16,000 km in the west-east direction and 9,000 km in the south-north direction). Preliminary results of a short climate simulation with a 2-D cloud resolving model installed into each grid column of an NCAR Community Climate System Model (CCSM) are presented. The climate simulations using the NCAR CCSM with a new variant of the Arakawa-Schubert cumulus parameterization with multiple cloud base levels and exponential mass-flux profile will also be shown.