OMEGA: Multiscale Weather Forecasting using Adaptive Unstructured Grids

David P. Bacon

Director, Center for Atmospheric Physics Science Applications International Corporation


s talk will discuss the application of adaptive unstructured grids to weather forecasting. The basis for the discussion will be the Operational Multiscale Environment model with Grid Adaptivity (OMEGA), a novel weather and atmospheric dispersion forecasting capability developed at the Center for Atmospheric Physics (Bacon et al., 2000). OMEGA is based on an adaptive triangular mesh that allows forhigh resolution where required without nesting. The model is therefore always scale interactive. OMEGA has been used for local, regional, and continental scale forecasting of weather and hazardous dispersion. The model has also been used to forecast severe weather events including hurricanes. More recently, we have been looking at applying OMEGA to global scale circulation of the atmosphere, the ocean, and Mars.

This talk will present an overview of OMEGA and present results from several evaluation studies. It will demonstrate the use of OMEGA for local and regional scale forecasting and introduce its potential for global scale simulation. The talk will present the results of using OMEGA to forecast Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico hurricane tracks operationally (and retrospectively).