Medium-range forecasts with a non-hydrostatic global atmospheric model on a cubed sphere grid

Song-You Hong
Director, KIAPS
10:30 am 22 May in 2155

Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems (KIAPS), Seoul, Korea, has embarked a national project in developing a new global forecast system in 2011. The ultimate goal of this 9-year project is to replace the current operational model at Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), which was adopted from the United Kingdom’s Meteorological Office’s model. Since July 2015, the test version of the KIAPS Integrated Model (KIM) system that consists of a spectral element non-hydrostatic dynamical core on a cubed sphere and a revised physics package that has been updated every three months has been running in a real-time testbed, with a standard data assimilation of 3-D Var. In 2017, the updated KIM with the advanced 4-DEnvar at about 12-km has been launched and its performance and operational deployment schedule will be discussed.