Accurate Visualization for Knowledge Discovery in Big-Data Science

Jian Chen
  Noon 6 June in 2155

Imagine big computer displays become a space to augment human thinking. Essential human activities such as seeing, gesturing, and exploring can couple with powerful computational solutions using natural interfaces and accurate visualizations. In this talk, I will present research effort to quantify visualization techniques of all kinds. Our ongoing work includes research in: (1) perceptually accurate visualization – constructing a visualization language to study how to depict spatially complex fields in quantum-physics simulations and brain-imaging datasets; (2) using space to compensate for limited human memory – developing new computing and interactive capabilities for bat-flight motion analysis in a new metaphorical interface; and (3) extending exploratory metaphors to biological pathways to make possible integrated analysis of multifaceted datasets. During the talk, I will point to a number of other projects being carried out by my team. I will close with some thoughts on automating the evaluation of visualizations and venture that a science of visualization and metaphors now has the potential to be developed in full, and that its success will be crucial in understanding data-to-knowledge techniques in big data areas.