Overview of JMA activity, especially numerical weather prediction division and RSMC Tokyo

Masahiro Sawada
27 Sept, Noon in 2155


This presentation provides three recent activities related to Japan Meteorological Agency and Meteorological Research Institute.

First, I introduce current status of operational NWP system (Global, Meso-scale, and Local model) by numerical prediction division of JMA. Future plan of model development at JMA is shown.

Second, RSMC Tokyo products related to TC analysis and forecast are introduced. This includes early Dvorak technique, TC track and genesis prediction based on ensemble forecasts at several NWP centers, and storm surge prediction.

Third, I present one of the collaborative projects of MRI with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), Global 7-km mesh nonhydrostatic Model Intercomparison Project for improving TYphoon forecast (TYMIP-G7). This project is designed to understand and statistically quantify the advantage of high-resolution nonhydrostatic global atmospheric models for improvement of tropical cyclone (TC) prediction.