Recent Advancements of Verification Capability within Model Evaluation Tools (MET) and METViewer

Tara Jensen
Noon July 29 in Room 2155

At the foundation of the DTC testing and evaluation (T&E) system is the Model Evaluation Tools (MET) and METViewer database and display system. MET is supported to the community through the DTC and METViewer is currently being installed at NCEP by NCO. The verification team within the DTC has been working closely with DTC teams as well as the operational community to enhance MET to better support both internal T&E activities and testing performed across NOAA. This presentation will demonstrate several advancements that will be available in the next MET release, which is scheduled for later this summer. Specifically, we have added automated regridding capability, processing capability for Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation (GSI) data assimilation diagnostic files, tools to produce complex masking regions for tailored verification, the calculation of categorical statistics for tropical cyclone rapid intensification and rapid weakening (RI/RW) events and renewables ramp events, and the use of Method for Object-based Diagnostic Evaluation – Time Domain (MODE-TD) on different spatial and temporal scales of data. The presentation will also demonstrate some of the METViewer capabilities that will be available inside the NCEP firewall soon.