Development and application of CMA GRAPES model system

Jiandong Gong
Deputy Director of CMA NWP Center
1:30pm June 16 in Room 2155

The presentation will have an overview of CMA (China Meteorological Administration) developed GRAPES (Global/Regional Assimilation PrEdiction System) model and its application. It will mainly focus on research and development efforts undertaken by CMA in past years. The future development plan will be discussed as well.

The GRAPES is CMA developed unified model system that started since 1999. The GRAPES utilizes a common dynamic core with different configurations of physics for different applications. It includes four main components: variational data assimilation system, unified dynamic core, physical parameterization schemes, and parallel computing. After nearly 15-year development, GRAPES model systems are the main components of CMA daily operational NWP system those include GRAPES Mesoscale system (Meso), GRAPES Rapid Analysis and Forecast System (RAFS), GRAPES TYphoon Model (TYM), GRAPES Regional Ensemble Prediction System (REPS), and GRAPES_3DVAR. GRAPES Global Forecast System (GFS) is on quasi-operational running. Currently, our research efforts are focusing on 1). Higher resolution (0.25 degree 60 vertical model levels) GFS model; 2). Global four dimensional variational data assimilation system (4DVAR); 3). Global singular vector ensemble prediction system (SV); 4). Global yin-yang grid GFS model (GRAPES YY), and 5) Hybrid data assimilation development. In the near future, CMA NWP operational system will be upgraded by all GRAPES based system.