The impact of wave-current interaction to the water level, sediment transport and water quality dynamics

Meng Xia
UMD Eastern Shore
11 am September 25 in Room 2552

It is widely known that nearshore and coastal water is the important region in Great Lakes and ocean. A high-resolution unstructured grid based wave-current model is required for nearshore and coastal ocean modeling and local phenomenas (e.g., wave) also need be included. Using a Finite Volume Coastal Ocean Model (FVCOM) and its wave model or FVCOM-SWAVE, the nearshore and coastal ocean dynamics at Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Chesapeake Bay and Maryland Coastal Bays have been investigated. The structured and unstructured grid based wave models have been compared and unstructured model showed some advantages, and the low resolution and high resolution horizontal grid model were given comparison for both wave and circulation models. Finally how this wave-current interaction influence the water level, sediment transport and water quality were also given discussion form the above simulation.