Recent R&D activities on regional ensemble ALADIN-LAE

Yong Wang
Central Institute for Meteorology & Geodynamics Austria
June 5th 1pm in Conference Center Auditorium

Within the NWP consortium LACE/ALADIN, we have developed the regional ensemble system ALADIN-LAEF (Limited Area Ensemble Forecasting). In the recent years, there have been some R&D activities on ALADIN-LAEF, for example, different experiments have been conducted on:

1. Studies on surface initial perturbation in a regional ensemble: impact of surface ensemble data assimilation, and its comparison with other methods. e.g.  NCSB (Non-Cycling Surface Breeding) technique.

2. Investigation on the surface stochastic physics perturbation.

3. Uncertainties coming from the initial LBC.

4. Impact of the resolution and ensemble size on high resolution regional EPS.

5. Convection resolving EPS (2.5km) vs. mesoscale EPS (11km).

6. Coupling convection resolving EPS (2.5km) with different ECMWF EPS resolution T1279 and T639.

In the talk, I will present the results and analysis of those experiments.