Koji Katou

Inter-calibration between MTSAT-1R and AIRS

For the GSICS (Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System), comparing the observation data between geostationary satellites and polar orbital satellites has become important. This presentation shows a comparison of results between MTSAT-1R and AIRS observations in the following ways: 1. Collocating observations between MTSAT-1R and AIRS; 2. Estimating MTSAT-1R radiance using Tahara's virtual channel technique; 3. Compensating for AIRS gaps using kCARTA data.

Objective method to determine the Typhoon intensity using IR1 images

At the Japan Meteorological Agency, forecasters determine the typhoon intensities using the Dvorak technique. It is a conventional method for Typhoon analysis and depends on the forecaster’s subjective judgement. Up to now the AODT (Advanced Objective Dvorak Technique has been the only objective method to determine tropical storm intensities. This presentation shows a new objective method to determine typhoon intensity.