Assimilation of ATOVS level1C radiance and MODIS polar winds at JMA

Masahiro Kazumori



The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) operates a model for global forecasts. In order to improve the forecast score of the global model, JMA has accelerated their development of satellite data assimilation in the operational global model by establishing a sub-group in the numerical prediction division of JMA in 2001. In this presentation, some of the recent progress in satellite data assimilation for the JMA global model will be presented. Especially, the results of assimilation experiments with ATOVS level 1C radiance and MODIS polar winds will be shown. Because the impacts of these data were positive for forecast scores, these data have been assimilated operationally. The recent change in operational forecast scores and their comparison with other NWP centers will also be presented.