Tasks involved in hosting visitors  (updated on August 12,2016)

It is very beneficial to have outside visitors and seminars by EMC visitors, so we will be informed about new progress without having to travel. Since we have new security procedures to follow and resources at EMC are limited, we need to share and coordinate visitor tasks. This is a list of the current tasks that need to be accomplished when a visitor is coming to speak at EMC. This will make sure visitors have a smooth arrival and a good experience at EMC.

If you have any comments, please contact Mary Hart at Mary.Hart@noaaa.gov and Michiko Masutani at Michiko.masutani@noaa.gov


1. Act as contact person (POC) with the speaker

    Security for NCWCP:
    Contact: Julie Etter (301) 683-3963
    Make sure your non-NOAA visitors contact Julie Etter. If they do not have US citizenship or permanent residency, they need to contact Julie 3 at least working days before the seminar so she can arrange building access. This is not required for access to the NCWCP conference center.

2. Coordinate event with seminar series coordinators & front office people

3. Introduce the speaker or arrange for the introduction

4. Meet/sign-in speaker on arrival

5. Work with seminar coordinator to find a room according to speaker's schedule, if seminar is not the usual Tuesday lunch seminar

6. Help Mary & Tammy organize visit schedule for speaker (includes lunch arrangements & list of people to be included in meetings or discussions)

7. Request Tammy to provide travel/security directions to speaker

8. Help with speaker lunch order/pickup (especially when Tammy not here)

9. Provide info on visitor (name, organization name/telephone) to support staff for security letter, when it is required.

If there is any problem, please be sure to arrange for back-up people to handle these tasks.


[EMC Seminar]

Seminar Coordinator: Michiko Masutani (E-mail:Michiko.Masutani@noaa.gov 240-413-6727)

            (Mary Hart can act as alternate when Michiko is not available.)

1. Reserve room for seminars (Michiko)

Rm 2155:  More security for outside visitors

Conference Center: Outside visitors expected

Auditorium: Large audience (more than 50) expected.

2. Maintain of seminar schedule EMC seminar website

Maintain Seminar Web site (Michiko)

Produce abstract page (Mary)

3.  Post seminar from ONE-NOAA science seminar


Michiko has write permission to the calendar

Detail is posted by Tracy Gill(tracy.gill@noaa.gov) 

Summary will be E-mail to every Monday to E-mail list

     (Must be notified to Hernan in time)

4. Send E-mail announcement

Maintain the E-mail list (Michiko)

Send E-mail to E-mail list (Michiko)

E-mail list: Individuals (Contact people in DC area institutes), NCEP Centers in NCWCP, GMAO, NESDIS, GSFC-Meso Modeling, UMD/ESSIC

5. Create poster and post (Mary)

6. Notify guards about seminar and expected visitors (email & hard copy) (Contact person)

7.  Set up Go to Meeting (Michiko)

8.  Post seminar from EMC facebook page (Michiko)


Currently followed by more than 2000 people (August 2016)

Usually seminar announcements are visited by nearly 1000 people

9. set up the seminar room (Michiko)

start Go To Meeting

water for speaker

chair (sometimes chairs and tables are moved)

10. Host seminars and encourage people to host seminars (Michiko)


Miscelleneous tasks:

1. Maintain seminar announcement and EMC E-mail list (Michiko)

2. Maintain current info, local maps & directions (Mary)


    Transportation (Shuttle, Taxi)

3. Help sponsor organize visit schedule for speaker (Mary)

4. Backup to notify guards about seminar/visitors (Mary)

5. Last-minute seminar E-mail announcement (Mary)

6. Provide travel/security directions to speaker (Mary)

7. Contact for security

Julie Etter (301) 683-3953 


Technical Support:

1. Purchase Equipment (NCO Helpdesk)

2. Maintain equipment inventory (Helpdesk)

3. Set up the A/V equipment for the seminar Michiko, Mady, and NCO

4. Maintain A/V equipment (NCO)