Recent research efforts on Ensemble-based Data Assimilation within GSI, Development of Hybrid Radar DA Capabilities, and Enhancements and Testing with FV3 for Convection-Allowing and Global Forecasts at CAPSs

Ming Xue
University of Oklahoma
  9 Nov, 2 pm, in 2155

This tag-team seminar (by Drs. Ming Xue, Youngsun Jung and Chunxi Zhang) will briefly report on recent results on several operations-relevant efforts at the Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS). The first is on enhancement and testing of GSI for ensemble-based data assimilation on CONUS-scale 3-km grid, with emphasis on radar data assimilation and real-time testing and evaluation through the Hazardous Weather Testbed (HWT) Spring Experiments. The evaluation of the 2017 EnKF system will be presented focusing on precipitation skills and spectral power analysis. The second part is on development of direct variational and hybrid assimilation of radar reflectivity data (as well as radial velocity data) for convective-scale data assimilation, and inter-comparisons of 3DVAR, EnKF, pure En3DVar and hybrid En3DVar algorithms via OSSEs and a real case. Several technical issues will be discussed. The third part reports on recent efforts implementing additional microphysics and PBL schemes within FV3, and preliminary testing results for CONUS 3 km CAM forecasts, and for global 13 km forecasts. Preliminary evaluations on CAPS and GFDL’s ~3-km FV3 forecasts using GFDL’s and Thompson microphysics during 2017 HWT Spring Experiment will also be reported.