Monsoon Desk Curriculum

Established : April, 2011

The Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) is supported by the Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) to provide operational numerical forecast software and training to visitors from the MoES. The point of contact for this initiative will be the EMC Monsoon Desk. The Monsoon Desk at NCEP will also serve as a key scientific foci for United States and Indian scientists to advance prediction skills for monsoon variability, improved understanding of Indian Ocean-Atmosphere dynamical interactions and associated impact on weather and climate, and other related and relevant monsoonal studies to advance the state of the monsoon rainfall prediction.

The Monsoon Desk will provide support for the following models and data assimilation systems:

Monsoon Desk responsibilities include the following:
  • Model code
    • Initial transfer of NCEP modeling code/software to MoES POC
    • Routine transfer of operational updates to MoES POC (MoES POC will disseminate to other organizations)
  • Data sets
    • Help obtain initial conditions for the CFSv2
    • Provide assistance as required with other data sets as needed
  • Training
    • On-site at NCEP - train visitors from MoES institutions on running the GFS and CFS
    • Web-based (EMC website)
      • Monsoon Desk page on EMC website
      • Online model tutorials/training modules
  • Model Simulations/Diagnostics/Evaluations/Feedback - coordination between MoES and NCEP
    • Focus on monsoon variability and predictability
    • Coordination on research to improve:
      • understanding of ocean processes in the Indian Ocean
      • convective parameterization in the atmospheric models
      • extended range forecasts of break and active monsoon phases