Plotting QPF Verification Scores Using METviewer

Databases loaded: New cloud-based AWS METviewer server:

Old prototype METviewer server:

Currently the above servers are only accessible from within the NCEP firewall.

For both servers, databases are loaded daily by an unattended cron job. mv_ylin_pcp is loaded for daym9 and includes 6h FSS. mv_ylin_pcp_erly is loaded for daym2 and does not include 6h FSS. mv_ylin_metplus on the AWS server is loaded for $daym2.

On AWS server:

Database mv_ylin_metplus goes back to 1 Oct 2019, unless otherwise noted. There are some model stats from before Oct 2019 but those were not generated routinely.

Database mv_ylin_pcp goes back to 1 Jan 2019, with exceptions noted in individule models:

Database mv_ylin_pcp_erly goes back to 1 June 2019, with exceptions noted in individule models:

On old non-AWS server:

In database mv_ylin_pcp:

In database mv_ylin_pcp_erly:

Due to disk space limitations on the old METviewer server, the databases were often pruned. Currently only a small subset of precip stats have been loaded.

Contact Ying[dot]Lin[at]noaa[dot]gov if you'd like other precip stats loaded into either database.

Met Help: