NCEP National Stage II Analyses

What is NCEP Stage II analysis?
National multi-sensor hourly precipitation analysis, based on hourly radar precipitation estimates from the ~140 WSR-88D radars over CONUS, and the ~3,000 automated gauge reports transmitted via the GOES Data Collection Platform. Produced at NCEP at ~35 minutes after the top of the hour, and again at T+6h and T+18h.

Main Developers:
EMC: Mike Baldwin, Ken Mitchell, Ying Lin
CPC: Sid Katz
OHD: D.J. Seo, Paul Tilles, Ben Weiger, Brian Jackson

Much of the development of the NCEP Stage II and related producted has been sponsored by the GEWEX Americas Prediction Project (GAPP, formerly know as GCIP)



Images (left panel is Stage II):

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Log of problem hours (since 1 Aug 2001)

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