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CAFTI - Meso Eta


84 hour Extension

QPF Threat & Bias AVN vs Etax

84 hr Fit to RAOBs AVN vs Etax

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Correct 10 m wind on 7 April

East Region Stats 1999 vs 2000

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East Region Stats Eta vs EtaX

Server Output From Ops & Parallels After 7 April

Large Nested Meso Domains

00Z Parallel Large Nested Runs

12Z Parallel Large Nested Runs

00Z & 12Z Hawaii Runs

Spring 2001 Implementation

3DVAR Status

3DVAR Changes

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New 3DVAR in 22 km Parallel EtaX

Assimilation of observed precipitation

EDAS Total Precipitation 12Z 30 Jun - 12Z 15 Jul 1998

Precip for 30 Jun-15 Jul 1998 & Moisture Availability (%) on 15 July 1998

PowerPoint Presentation

Regional Reanalysis Result 07/98 Equitable Threat & Bias During EDAS

Recent Results With Precip Assimilation

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Coop Daily versus Sum of Hourly Analyses Using Gage & Radar Estimates 23August

Coop Daily versus Sum of Hourly Analyses Using Gage&Radar Estimates 29December

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Update Land Surface Physics

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Author: Geoff DiMego


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