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June 2005 Upgrade Package for High Resolution Window (HRW) Decision Brief

June 2005 Upgrade Package Background – Original Plan

June 2005 Upgrade Package Background – What Changed

June 2005 Upgrade Package The New Plan

Bill Gallus’ DTC Work

June 2005 Upgrade Package Validation of New Plan

HiResWindow Fixed-Domain Nested Runs 21 Sept 2004 Became WRF Runs of Two Control Configurations WRF-ARW at 10km/50levels and WRF-NMM at 8km/60levels

HiResWindow Fixed-Domain Nested Runs 28 June 2005 Become Explicit WRF Runs of Two Control Configs WRF-ARW at 5.8km/35levels and WRF-NMM at 5.1km/35levels

Prior Experience: BAMEX

BAMEX Success: Mode of Convection

Prior Experience: SPC/NSSL Spring Program 2004

Domains of Integration for Spring Program NCEP NMM (red/orange), NCAR (blue), CAPS (cyan)

Example of Explicit 4.5 km WRF-NMM courtesy of Jack Kain

HiResWindow WRF Runs vs Eta

4km WRF Runs vs 12km Eta

Matt Pyle’s Web Site Displaying 4.5 km WRF-NMM

Web Site Now Displaying Simulated Reflectivity

Prior Experience: DTC Winter Forecast Experiment

PowerPoint Presentation

Examples of Phenomena Forecast by DWFE WRF Models from a presentation made by Steve Koch to OAR

Narrow Reflectivity Bands: 23 January 2005

Topographically forced Pressure Waves and Snowbands in New England Blizzard: 23 January 2005

Reflectivity Structures in Marine Boundary Layer: 23 January 2005

Mesoscale vortex over Lake Erie: 22 January 2005

DC Metro Snowstorm Bust: 27-28 February 2005 A comparison between two WRF forecasts made 24h apart demonstrating that the synoptic-scale must be forecast correctly as a necessary condition to predicting mesoscale structures accurately

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Loop of 3-hr QPF

Slide 29

Slide 30

Slide 31

Comparison of NCEP and RTVS methods for calculating ETS & Bias 95% confidence intervals using bootstrapping method are shown

DWFE Forecaster Feedback Pluses Minuses

NCEP’s Explicit WRF HiResWindow Evaluation

Forecast Examples From Evaluation Period: Shelter Temperature 10 m Wind QPF

Slide 37

Slide 38

Slide 39

Slide 40

Slide 41

Slide 42

Slide 43

Slide 44

5km QPF Comparison Plot

“Big Picture” 5km Sfc Winds Comparison can’t see anything really meaningful

Local 5km Sfc Winds Comparison Plot

Slide 48

“Local” 5km Sfc Winds Comparison Plot

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Slide 51

Slide 52

Slide 53

24 hr QPF Verification

NWS Central Region Evaluation Tom Hultquist

NWS CR Evaluation Comments from Omaha WFO

Slide 57

Slide 58

Slide 59

NWS CR Evaluation Comments from Sullivan WFO

NWS Central Region Recommendation

NWS ER Evaluation Comments from Josh Watson

NWS Eastern Region Recommendation

NCEP Service Center Evaluations HPC Pete Manousos

Slide 65

NCEP Service Center Evaluations - HPC

NCEP Service Center Evaluations SPC Steve Weiss

Slide 68

NCEP Service Center Evaluations - SPC


Author: Geoff DiMego


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