ETA/EDAS output from 1 April 95 will be in permanent archive at NCAR. Tapes are shipped from NCEP to UCAR monthly. Normally, the tapes for a given month arrive at NCAR at about the end of the following month.

Before retrieving data from the NCAR tape archive, we suggest that the user download some current output files from the on-line ftp server to make sure that the files contain the desired field can be read in correctly. Also, keep in mind that fields in the current output files might differ from what are available in the past, so please check the on-line inventories to make sure that the desired fields are available for the time period you have in mind.

Owing to the huge volume of data generated by the mesoscale ETA/EDAS, we strongly encourage users to get data for large time periods (longer than several days) from the permanent NCAR archive via tape or CD (NCAR contact: ).

The issue of cost: to keep its archive system up-to-date, NCAR charges a nominal fee to provide the data. The user can get an estimate of the cost from this NCAR web site, or contact

The user might wish to take one or more of the following steps in order to keep the data acquisition cost down: