Satellite Data Ingest at NCEP

Dennis Keyser - NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC
(Last Revised 2/13/2018should now be completely up-to-date)

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The ingest of most satellite data into the NCEP /dcom database on the IBM Central Computer System (IBM-WCOSS) machines is performed separately from the NCEP/NCO decoding system which handles data primarily on GTS.

Most of the satellite data described here are provided to NCEP from NESDIS (either directly or as a conduit from other centers). Files are transferred, via wget, ftp or lftp, from various servers directly to the NCEP IBM-WCOSS machine as they become available. A schedule has been established for the initiation of jobs on the IBM-WCOSS which perform this file transfer (see Table 1).  Each time a particular ingest job runs, a query is first performed which returns a listing of files for the particular data type currently residing on the server . This list is compared against a history of files that have previously been transferred and processed. If any new files are present, then those files are transferred. Otherwise, no action is taken.

The following types are currently part of the satellite ingest:

The following non-satellite types are processed in a manner similar to the satellite ingest:
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